PNG Contacts

Police 000
Ambulance 111
Fire 110

Scarlet 323 4266
Ark 323 0998 or mobile 71225522


ANZ 321 1079

Kina Bank 308 3800
BSP 321 1999
Westpac 322 0888

Pacific International 323 4400
Port Moresby General 324 8200
Paradise Private Hospital 325 6022
Port Moresby Medical Services 325 6633

Medivac Pacific Services 323 5626
Niugini Air Rescue 323 2033

G4S 325 6377
The Corps 323 4473

Air Niugini 327 3444
PNG Air 325 0555

more to follow

24 thoughts on “PNG Contacts

  1. My husband is flying up from Australia for an interview for a managers position. What clothing would be appropriate for the interview, formal (suit) or informal (shirt & pants)? Are there any pertinent questions he should be asking regarding the contract, posting etc?

    Love your blog by the way, it has been most informative and has laid many fears to rest.

    Hope to hear from you. Harriet

    • Hi Harriet – I would just ask the company what they expect as dress code. I came up in slacks and shirt, but some of my colleagues arrived in suit and tie. You will find the company should be pretty open to the question :). Most of us don’t wear a suit to work, and we only wear a tie now and then… Just don’t wear jeans!

      There are so many variations to contract terms, it is very hard to single one particular thing one. At the end of the day, if you are happy with the terms, then that is great. I would make sure you are accommodated properly, have enough annual leave, allow spouse to drive company car, have utilities either partially or fully subsidized, and a membership or 2 is pretty standard.

      Hope that helps

      • Thanks for your quick reply Aaron, it’s a great help. Hopefully all will go well, I’m exited about the possible move (in spite of so much negative info). Harriet

  2. Hi Aaron,
    We’ve just moved to the country for 12 months (more if we like it or it goes well) and we are looking to buy a car. We have small children do it needs to be super reliable, can you give us any advice on how we could pick up an expat car as a private sale, the car yards seem to have such a ridiculous mark up and we can’t really wait the 2 months it takes for one of the Japanese imports to arrive.
    Also, we are trying to sell a large wooden crate that we bought our personal effects over in, any I idea where we could sell this, it is in really good condition and could be used to ship goods deadweight again no dramas…

    • Hi Lara, both the Aviat and Yacht Club have a notice board for selling cars. This would be your best bet – however no car unfortunately here in PNG is super reliable – they all get bashed around. You could also watch the tenders in the paper, a little CR-V can go quite cheaply here. There is also (which is where you could sell your crate), the expats group on Facebook (easy search), parent group email (which I can email to you if you like), and the Aussie high commission – Sharon, the community liaison officer sends out a newsletter every week – the parent group email normally forwards this on, but you could contact Sharon directly at the high comm.

      I wouldn’t buy from the Japanese car places anymore, custom import duty is now up to 110% of the price, so very expensive.


  3. Thanks Aaron, that is all fantastic and very helpful information. I know we arent able to visit the Yacht club without membership or being accompanied by a member, is it the same for the Aviat?
    I would love the parent group email. Thanks again.

  4. Dear kiwiexpat (Aaron),

    I’m a kiwi as well, been an expat in a variety of places, find its different all over Asia… each location with its own flavour. A single executive guy (51), still got a bit of adventure in me as I will be visiting PoM in 10 days for look-see if its the life for me… I was wondering if you could advise me or maybe provide a contact detail, possibly could meet at the Aviat or similar for a beer and get the lie-of-the-land…
    This could help me avoid unrealistic expectations e.g. accommodation, amentities etc… realise everything is relative but any/all info is helpful (as is your site).

    kiwinest (Mike)

  5. Hello Aaron, please could I have your email address, will like to send you a mail with some inquiries, thank and much appreciated!

  6. Hi Aaron , I am Eric. I am living here in PNG in Daru, Western Province.
    I sponsored a rugby league team here in Daru and I am now looking for a possible shop to purchase the club’s (RAMS BROTHERS) Full rugby league Jumpers.
    Since I don’t know where to purchase the jumpers in Port Moresby City,please, can you help me with some of the shops contact/ details so I can do contacts for the Jumpers.
    I would really appreciate your tremendous assistance.
    Awaiting your prompt responds.


    Eric Benjamin

  7. Hi there,
    I’m Emmanuel living in France and I might move to POM next summer for 3 or 4 years.
    Could you tell me more about the cost of accomodations in POM, please.
    Love your blog ! it has been very informative

    Hope to hear from you.

    • HI Emmanuel,

      It all depends on where you live, services offered etc. Most apartments here are fully furnished, you just need your normal kitchen stuff and bedding etc. Some have TV’s, some don’t. Prices will generally range from PGK2000 up to PGK8000+ per week. You can browse through current listings at ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want ocean breeze, then you will need to live in the Town area of Moresby. Glad you liked my blog – cheers Aaron

      • Hi Aaron,
        Thanks a lot for the informations.
        Could you tell me aproximaly the average cost of living (all included) for one person and per month (normal life with activities, some diner out, …) ?



      • Hi Emmanuel,

        We are a family of 5 and have different needs than a single person. And when I am here by myself, sometimes I eat out all the time, other times I stay in. We don’t use Air-Con in the house, we don’t eat out every 2nd day – it really is a difficult question to ask given I have no idea what you would do here and what things cost where you come from.

        For what it’s worth – some groceries are 300 to 400% higher than NZ, others are cheaper – but expect to pay 25% to 100% more easily. Fuel is cheaper, Power is double, Internet is stratospherical (is that even a word?), Beer is cheaper than NZ, eating out is cheaper in some restaurants, expensive in others. Travel is expensive out of POM, Insurance is expensive, Car repairs are expensive.

        If you live a frugal life – you will get by fine. If you go all out Party Animal, then you won’t have much money at the end of the month.

        ๐Ÿ™‚ I know if may not help – but it’s kind of the best I can give you. If you wish to know the specific cost of something, happy to help within reason.

  8. Hi every one .just done my first week in Pom , been a real eye opener so far . Guys took me out Thursday night and started at the chillie club of all places , think that was a test . Anyway I’m loving it and csnt wait to start meeting some expats . I’m after a radio do I can get the local fm station . Second hand is fine if anybody is selling any gear . Just having a few guns right now listening to Moby and looking at the full moon been a great week
    Cheers Kevin

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