PNG Work Permit Approved

I received an email yesterday that my Work Permit is approved – yippee! So, if everything else goes to plan, I should be in Port Moresby in around a months time. How exciting, but OH shit – not enough days left! It is our wee poppy Xaria’s birthday today, she turned 1 – omg. How time flies! But of course, it does mean another day where we aren’t doing what we need to be doing… Organizing and getting rid of stuff!

The horrible thing about leaving, is,

1. I’m going to miss my wife and kids – who will be coming up maybe 6-8 weeks later
2. I’m going to miss friends and family
3. I’m going to miss my uncles 60th birthday – sorry Kev!
4. Rugby World Cup! Bugger
5. The opening of the Forsyth Barr Stadium
6. All Blacks v Fiji – the official and definite last test match at Carisbrook
7. Election 2011 and the banter with my National Member Boss. Can’t wait to rub in NZ First back in parliament 🙂
8. My job, yes – I shouldn’t miss it, but I know I will…
9. Winter – I do enjoy the cold
10. Kids sport :(. Soccer/Hockey
11. My dog – even though he is already gone 😦
12. My truck – going to have to sell it soon
13. Internet 😦
14. Yeah – I could go on and on and on…..



Dodgy Computer Engineers – start rant

Noted that today Feilding amputee and former computer technician 44yo Dean Mulligan, was found guilty of the murder of Marice McGregor.

Seriously, what is wrong with some IT people? It is reasonably regular that an IT person makes headlines because of things like fraud/theft: eg Mike Swann. And don’t get me started on the sick pricks that trade in Child Pornography. It’s odd, whenever I see headlines surrounding individuals with objectionable material on their computers – I say to myself… ‘bet he is in IT’ … And you know what – they are. WTF is going on here! Do IT people think that because they “understand” technology, that they can get away with this shit? And why is it IT people anyway? Do we really attract socially repressed individuals that do this? Wake up people! Just because you think you are more clever at this sort of thing than the next person – does NOT give you the right to be a criminal. There is always someone more clever than you that will catch you out…!

To the (now three) people that read this blog, please don’t tar all IT people with this brush – however if you are concerned about someone – speak up! As for Dean Mulligan – narcissism seems to fit, man up, stop making up stories and let her RIP.

End Rant

What is an IT Department?

We all use them, they are a part of lives and as important as the knife and fork, and yet we don’t understand them, nor know how to use them properly. Here in lies a problem. We… Don’t know how to use them properly.collectively.

As the head of an IT department, it amazes me the things that I can achieve with technology, and yet – I could do so much more… However I am concerned that technologists nowadays – aren’t really technologists. When I started in IT, I was taught hardware level repairs, not replacing a hard drive – but board and component. If I could get my eyes to focus, I might still be able to do it today.. But I think I have lost the knowledge… Now, the focus is on software, we truly aren’t IT Departments any more, we aren’t ICT either, we are definitively IS Departments, where systems are enhanced and managed on top of IT. And technologists develop applications that people may or may not want, but most likely are not concerned about the hardware to an extent that it will run on. It amuses me when a company that develops software, but has never worked or been a part of that industry, tries to sell you a product that they have developed, for an industry they have never been in.

So an IT Department, is really a handholder, we are like the drawer that holds the knife and fork. And the dishwasher that cleans them. And sometimes, we either buy new knives and forks, replace them, scrape the rust off them, modify them to do things they shouldn’t be doing, sharpen them, and even show new people how to use them. Quite often we get bigger ones, smaller ones, and even different coloured ones. And at the end of the day, if you lose your knife and fork – you either eat with your hands, or get a new set.

The curse of the Highlanders

It’s official, I will never go to another Highlanders game at Carisbrook… They had the last game yesterday, in their brand new lime green jersey/strip.

I’m quite partial to it myself – I get quite annoyed when the crowd chant OTTAAGOOO Highlanders.. When there is only one Otago boy in the team, and it is really made up of three provinces – North Otago, Otago and Southland. So green for me – yup, no big deal, get rid of that blue I say…

The problem with me going to Carisbrook home games for the Highlanders, is that – I have never been there when we have won. So yes – throw your darts, toys, footy boots etc all at me. It wasn’t the lime jersey, it wasn’t the cold, wasn’t the coach, nor the players, or the ref, and not even the touchies… Yup it’s all on me. Thankfully, the highlanders will never lose at Carisbrook again! Let’s not tempt fate – I will ensure an All Blacks win over Fiji in July, by not attending. 🙂