A quick stop at the supermarket

 We just got back from Vision City, and the RH Hypermarket (grocery store).  Just a quick stop in order to pick up a few cereals and little bits and pieces.  Remember 1 kina = about 60 cents NZ (technically its 58 cents).

Nutragrain 290gm. K18.65

Special K 510gm K18.03 (that’s cheap so bought 2 boxes)

Special K 290gm Berry flavours K23.90

Apple Juice – 1 litre (x2) K9.90

Ham slices 328gm K12.12

Beef Mince 99% lean 1.024 kg. K30.67

Chicken soup pieces 700gm. K12.55

Pasta Sauce – Raguletto 500gm K6.95

Coke Zero 4 pack cans K11.55

Coke 4 pack cans K11.55

Rosemary spice in jar 18gm K7.35

Gregg’s rubbed oregano 15gm K8.95

Anchor salted butter 454gm K11.95

Eggs 65gm x 1 dozen (local) K12.40

Total price for a quick shop (incl 10% gst) K224.45

Which is about $130 NZD

So, next time you are at the supermarket, take this list – compare the costs, I think you might be surprised, some things are cheap – others, very expensive.