Aussie TV in PNG

The worst thing here in PNG is having to put up with bloody Aussie TV… Really, I don’t get The Block, Home and Away should have been canned many years ago, and Aussie’s funniest Home Videos??? C’mon Australia – where the bloody hell are ya! You’ve copied US, British and Kiwi TV and quite frankly done a shit job at it.It’s sad – that we have to watch it here…. And so, TV ends up revolving around Discovery, Discovery Turbo, emtv, and the movie channels.What we want to see: Outrageous Fortune, Sparticus, you know – tv shows that are different… Poor PNG having to put up with this, and c’mon Aussie’s if you think I’m being harsh – let me know the best TV shows so that I can actually get entertained….And onto the biggest rant ever: the All Blacks vs Ireland rugby test this evening isn’t on free TV in Aussie (or PNG). wtf!! Union is bigger than AFL, or League – and only fox sports (which we can’t get here) is showing it… Wouldn’t be so bad if I could stream it, but with the cost of Internet….I always thought that kiwi TV was backward, until your only selection is 20 odd Australian channels… I’ll take tv1, 2 & 3 any day now 🙂

The curse of the Highlanders

It’s official, I will never go to another Highlanders game at Carisbrook… They had the last game yesterday, in their brand new lime green jersey/strip.

I’m quite partial to it myself – I get quite annoyed when the crowd chant OTTAAGOOO Highlanders.. When there is only one Otago boy in the team, and it is really made up of three provinces – North Otago, Otago and Southland. So green for me – yup, no big deal, get rid of that blue I say…

The problem with me going to Carisbrook home games for the Highlanders, is that – I have never been there when we have won. So yes – throw your darts, toys, footy boots etc all at me. It wasn’t the lime jersey, it wasn’t the cold, wasn’t the coach, nor the players, or the ref, and not even the touchies… Yup it’s all on me. Thankfully, the highlanders will never lose at Carisbrook again! Let’s not tempt fate – I will ensure an All Blacks win over Fiji in July, by not attending. 🙂