Aussie TV in PNG

The worst thing here in PNG is having to put up with bloody Aussie TV… Really, I don’t get The Block, Home and Away should have been canned many years ago, and Aussie’s funniest Home Videos??? C’mon Australia – where the bloody hell are ya! You’ve copied US, British and Kiwi TV and quite frankly done a shit job at it.It’s sad – that we have to watch it here…. And so, TV ends up revolving around Discovery, Discovery Turbo, emtv, and the movie channels.What we want to see: Outrageous Fortune, Sparticus, you know – tv shows that are different… Poor PNG having to put up with this, and c’mon Aussie’s if you think I’m being harsh – let me know the best TV shows so that I can actually get entertained….And onto the biggest rant ever: the All Blacks vs Ireland rugby test this evening isn’t on free TV in Aussie (or PNG). wtf!! Union is bigger than AFL, or League – and only fox sports (which we can’t get here) is showing it… Wouldn’t be so bad if I could stream it, but with the cost of Internet….I always thought that kiwi TV was backward, until your only selection is 20 odd Australian channels… I’ll take tv1, 2 & 3 any day now 🙂

5 thoughts on “Aussie TV in PNG

    • If it is on “normal” Aussie TV, eg: Ch9, Imparja, SBS – then it’s on 🙂 Super Rugby is on the local EMTV station, but I have never seen any A-league on (although I don’t really go out of my way to track it down).

      We also have Star Sports and ESPN – both of which show the Euro Leagues of both codes 🙂


    • Super Rugby gets shown generally late at night on EMTV. EMTV also shows NRL live where possible, so sorry Nigel – bit wrong mate… Aussies Bar at Ela Beach now shows Super Rugby live too 🙂

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