Ela Beach Craft Markets Port Moresby PNG July 2012

I purchased a new lens for my Sony NEX-5N camera in Thailand (55-210) makes it a little  easier to take photos at the markets as I don’t like standing there pretending to be a tourist…. 🙂

I did include a photo of Xaria with her new Bilum (string bag) that we bought from the markets.  Location: a little coffee trip to Duffy’s (our sanity coffee shop) 🙂

Ela Beach Markets

Today was a cruisey day at the monthly Ela Beach Markets. Being the first one of the year – there were lots of people, although suprisingly – not as many sellers as last year. I took some photos, but before you get to those, I thoughtI had better do a really brief rundown about what is going on around the Bird family.

1. Malaria – just finished the last of my meds – blood test on Monday, so stay tuned to see if I am finally free of it… I have lost a lot of weight, and had a shit 2 months, but feel a lot better.

2. Xavier – turned 7 yesterday, so we are having a party here tomorrow. I am currently making that traditional kiwi classic (and invention) Pavlova. Hope it comes out better than the MKR kiwi pav – I think they must have used an aussie recipe…

3. Friendships – we have made some very good friends here, all of us starting our journey around the same time. What is cool about this, is that we discover the same things, share the horrible times, and enjoy the best times. Without other expat friends I think you are on a hiding to nothing here in POM.

4. Markets – Sunday PAU – enough said… awesome. next stop Malaro 🙂

5. Heat – hot, damn hot…

6. Potholes, or carholes, sometimes truckholes – I kid you not! And Port Moresby ones are tiny in comparision to Lae…

7. Crocodiles – a chappie outside the supermarket trying to sell one, at least a meter long, sadly didn’t have the camera. The kids wanted to take it home 🙂

8. Photo’s – here is a few from today 🙂 enjoy