Lunch this week at The Aviat

Thought this might be valuable for those of you coming up to see what a nice lunch at the Aviat costs:

Daily Specials
7th July 2014
Monday Lunch
Garlic Prawns w/ rice & vegetables K30.00
Pepper Steak w/ chips & salad K25.00
Stir Fry Chicken w/ fried rice K25.00

Tuesday Lunch
Sambal Lobster w/ spicy fried rice K40.00
Beef schnitzel w/ chips & salad K25.00
Peppered Chicken w/chips & salad K25.00

Wednesday Lunch
Pork Loin Chop w/chips & salad K30.00
Garlic Chicken Breast w/ fried rice K25.00
Beef & Mushroom Pie w/ mash & peas K25.00

Thursday Lunch
Roast Pork w/ roast potato & pumpkin K30.00
Beef Goulash w/ mash & peas K25.00
Chicken Schnitzel & Sambal Sauce w/ rice & vegetables K25.00

Friday Lunch
Beer Battered Barramundi w/ chips & salad K30.00
Peppered Chicken w/ chips & salad K25.00
Lemon Pepper Chicken w/ fried rice K25.00

At the moment the exchange rate means a K25 meal = AUD$9.80 or NZD$10.50 – yes, that’s Lobster on Tuesday for well under 20 bucks 😉