Lunch this week at The Aviat

Thought this might be valuable for those of you coming up to see what a nice lunch at the Aviat costs:

Daily Specials
7th July 2014
Monday Lunch
Garlic Prawns w/ rice & vegetables K30.00
Pepper Steak w/ chips & salad K25.00
Stir Fry Chicken w/ fried rice K25.00

Tuesday Lunch
Sambal Lobster w/ spicy fried rice K40.00
Beef schnitzel w/ chips & salad K25.00
Peppered Chicken w/chips & salad K25.00

Wednesday Lunch
Pork Loin Chop w/chips & salad K30.00
Garlic Chicken Breast w/ fried rice K25.00
Beef & Mushroom Pie w/ mash & peas K25.00

Thursday Lunch
Roast Pork w/ roast potato & pumpkin K30.00
Beef Goulash w/ mash & peas K25.00
Chicken Schnitzel & Sambal Sauce w/ rice & vegetables K25.00

Friday Lunch
Beer Battered Barramundi w/ chips & salad K30.00
Peppered Chicken w/ chips & salad K25.00
Lemon Pepper Chicken w/ fried rice K25.00

At the moment the exchange rate means a K25 meal = AUD$9.80 or NZD$10.50 – yes, that’s Lobster on Tuesday for well under 20 bucks 😉


4 thoughts on “Lunch this week at The Aviat

  1. Aaron
    About seven months ago after reading your blog on East New Britain I emailed you to let you know that I was inspired to take my two grandsons up to experience the culture first hand. Well we did it and had the most wonderful experience imaginable. The locals are the most generous friendly people you could meet. I do believe that my grandsons will remember the trip as a great learning experience as well as a grand adventure. Thanks for the inspiration,
    Jeff Prior

    • Hi Jeff – that is awesome. I trust it was everything you expected. We have wonderful memories of East New Britain, and hope to go back some time soon. thanks for letting me know 🙂

  2. I have a beautiful daughter born in Sigabaduru, so I have a strong interest in the development of Papua New Guinea. PNG Villages in the South Fly region were promised jobs and development in their communities with the influx of foreign mining and logging, the coastal villages as with most of PNG suffer in third world conditions. I run a blog for Sigabaduru Village just 7 km from the Australian border, I want to help the community and others with a solar power project and medical supplies, can anyone help me? Contact me at or



    • Hi Dan – I wouldn’t know where to start. I do get a lot of traffic to my site – so maybe there is someone that reads this that will get in touch.


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