A kiwi Christmas

I know… What an opportunity to have a PNG Christmas, but with Jacinta needing a break from Port Moresby, the oppressive feeling in the air, and the kids having no Xmas presents – we made our way back to the in-laws for Christmas. And yes – a kiwi Christmas isn’t complete without the rain – so I feel even more trapped here in the middle of nowhere on a rural lifestyle block, and with none of “my” space…

On the flipside, the family was blessed at Christmas, with Xanthe getting a speaker dock for her iPod, Xavier getting an iPod, I acquired a Kindle Fire (yes – not meant to work outside the USA *bullshit*) for Jacinta – that is totally awesome, and I was very fortunate to be able to upgrade my camera to a new Sony NEX-5N with Dual Lens kit. So I have spent a lot of time (and so far 1000 photos) learning all about my fantastic piece of new kit. The photos that this camera produce are AMAZING with some reviewers putting in in a better spot than the likes of the Canon 600D. It certainly takes an awesome photo, and I can’t wait to really spend lots of time with it.

I have missed being in PNG, but will be back there on the 2nd January to start the new year with a bang. Having just read Steve Job’s biography on my iPads kindle, and connecting it up with one of my favorite tech books – Infinite Loop (also about Apple), I am in a really good frame of mind to tackle anything at work and really make a difference. Whilst I was doing my degree a couple of years ago (yes, I think life skills relate better to education when you have spent 20 years in the workforce), I talked through one of my mantra’s with the panel that were accessing my degree. It came from Steve Jobs: “The journey is the reward” – I need to get that back in writing and hook it up next to my desk….

Leaving PNG for such a short time, has given me a profound respect for the simple methodologies that we can deploy in countries where materialism is still just a word, and epidemics such as obesity can be countered by not westernizing a developing country, but instead creating its own worth in the world. The more we can mentor and provide the right type of assistance, the more people can assimilate what is wrong or right with other countries and people.

I read and watched with interest how politics within PNG can create separatism, but also marveled at how – when faced with a crisis most countries would riot over, the PNG people just kept on going. It is something the rest of us could learn a lesson or two from.

It also amazes me the amount of people I have met or have had contact with since starting this blog. Just before we left we had Anna and her family all the way from the UK pop in to see us whilst on holiday in Port Moresby – thanks Anna 🙂

And then there are the many other people…

Yes – I am in a very reflective mood – does it show?

And here is a photo of my not so baby anymore Xaria – just because it’s cute :), and a couple of Xanthe and Xavier – shit kids are hard to take photos of …. “stay still!” Have a very happy New Year – Aaron




Kickin it – PNG Style

Who said that technology didn’t exist in PNG? Obviously they didn’t know that in PNG – everything is BIGGER!

cheers Derrick for the pose 😉


And briefly after – Will Genia popped into the office 🙂 Here’s Jono posing with Will – notice that Will has finally realised that Black is cool 😉

jono and will

Elevala Village – right next door to Hanuabada

On Saturday we went to Billy’s village – Elevala. Elevala Village is commonly mistaken as being part of Hanuabada – but the village is quite separate, and even feels and looks different. We were there for the annual sports fishing weigh in, and were gifts a beautiful Red Emperor fish by Billy’s father. I’m not at all sure what we can give back in return, but no doubt we will figure it out.

Here is a shot within Elevala Village
Elevala Village

And of Jacinta and Xaria with Billy’s wife and a local kid. Xaria was just getting susu out of the sun 🙂

Sitting watching the weigh in

We also attended Xavier and Xanthe’s last day of school and the Xmas Assembly, I caught Xavier unawares in this next photo – the kids both were up on stage, and considering how old the kids are that organise this event – it was awesome…

Xavier at Xmas Assembly

Finally, (and lets please not talk PNG politics) one of our compound guards Rocky told me tonight that he has handed in his notice and is heading back to live in his village. He will be missed, not only is he a terrific guy, he is very much respected by his team. So here is a photo of Rocky, taken tonight – the pool is directly behind Rocky 🙂

PNG in Pictures

I did promise that I would upload a few images, so here goes:

Hanuabada Village from the RPYC

The road to Sogeri and Crystal Rapids – awesome!
The Road Travelled to Sogeri

Some local lads diving into the rapids – Crystal Rapids, Sogeri
Local lads, diving the rapids

This is the view coming back from Sogeri.. It is aweinspiring!!
The view coming back from Sogeri

Sadly – I am using Jacinta’s laptop – which has been attacked by an 18month-old computer technician. Which make use of the keyboard nothing short of a nightmare, so it is just too hard to use a dying keyboard, and there is no chance of getting a replacement here in PNG. I’ll be sure to use something that works next time 🙂