Kickin it – PNG Style

Who said that technology didn’t exist in PNG? Obviously they didn’t know that in PNG – everything is BIGGER!

cheers Derrick for the pose 😉


And briefly after – Will Genia popped into the office 🙂 Here’s Jono posing with Will – notice that Will has finally realised that Black is cool 😉

jono and will

3 thoughts on “Kickin it – PNG Style

  1. I was at POMIS last week just before the Pure Water Launch/Promo/Rugby clinic with Will, John and Miss Sarah Karo, the events team were testing the speakers (like you could literally feel the bass and hear it from all the way up at the compound and The Triangle) and had random songs playing, John and Will were warming up, when all of a sudden the Haka comes on. I couldn’t help but smile. Took the events guys a while to realize before they skipped ahead to the next song. I suspect Will is too good a sport to have minded, and may in fact have seen the humour in it.

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