The road to Lea Lea and Sunset Lodge

Hepi Easter 🙂

Over Easter, we travelled out past the LNG site to Sunset Lodge, it’s a fair old trip, and not too bad going until you get past the LNG site – then she is 4×4 country 🙂

We actually missed the SP SOLD HERE sign and went all the way to the footbridge at the end of the road, a quick turnaround and headed back.

Sunset Lodge is a fantastic place, and if it wasn’t for the very poor karaoke that was going on, would have been magical.  I have a few photos – but it will have to wait until I can get them off my camera…

On arrival at Sunset – you need to follow your nose past the carpark and go around past the BBQ area to the bar.  There is a honestly system in place, pay K10 per adult and K5 per child, then K5 for some wood for the wood fired BBQ’s and you are away.  You do need to buy your beer over the bar, but it wasn’t that expensive until you buy an Apple Cider (K20+ a bottle!!)

Sunset Lodge is a magical place and I wish we could have stayed longer – but as is normal in the IT industry – something shits itself at work, and there goes the Easter weekend 😦  Jacinta had a much better weekend than me, and got to go out to Fishermans Island, and off to the Westpac Compound for a BBQ.  You can read about her Easter here

And yes, even though I’m not posting as much as I could do – I still try and respond to all your emails and questions on my blog.  🙂