Getting to Sunset Lodge, Lea Lea

I was quite rightly informed that my blog was out of date in the weekend 😉 (thanks!) and directions to Sunset Lodge, Lea Lea were scratchy at best. Apparently the Sunset Lodge signage has disappeared, but truth be told, it was hard to see anyway, so it might still be there.

The general premise is to head out to the LNG Plant along Napa Napa Road, go all the way around the plant (which you can’t miss – I’m sure it’s visible from the moon) and then when you get to the far side, you will see the road continue to the right up the coast. Finding Sunset Lodge can be a bit of a “blink and you miss it” type deal, it’s on the left hand side right in Lea Lea, but don’t worry if you miss it – when you get to the end of the road, there is a long foot bridge going over the river, backtrack about 700 metres and you will spot it (now on your right hand side). The entrance means you drive down into a gully – park your car and then follow your nose (or the sound of the music) to the waterfront.

Now – if you don’t know how to get to Napa Napa Road, leave the Yacht Club and head up the Poreporena Freeway turning left onto the Hanuabada Top Road (police station corner). Follow this road to the other side of Hanuabada (the road has been repaired on the other side of the hill) and it will take you around the harbour a ways. You will eventually see the nice new road heading inland, follow this until you get to a roundabout, turning left will take you back to the harbour, turning right will take you to Gerehu (very close to the Nature Park) NOTE: This is possibly the quickest way to the Nature Park from Town…

So – turn left, then head towards the harbour for 500 metres or so – then turn right to follow the Napa Napa Road to Lea Lea 🙂