Our Compound’s Generator

All yesterday we had issues with power brownouts, starting at 9am – they continued all day, and then happened again this morning. Normally, the generator kicks in and we get a very short loss of power, anything on a UPS (TV etc) stays on, and once the power starts again, it’s all good.

Yesterday however, the generator wouldn’t start. This has happened recently, the day of the Rugby World Cup Final (yes – rugby mad here) we had a brownout, and the genset didn’t start. Myself and one of the other guys in the compound got it going by putting his truck battery in the genset to start it. We made it just in time for the start of the Haka – phew.

So yesterday, when it didn’t start – it was exactly the same problem. The battery was dead, obviously the alternator is not charging the battery, and the genset doesn’t start after a while. So the company that fixes the genset, came out with a new battery. They stuck it in and fired up the generator – all good.

About an hour later – another brown out, however the power died in all the apartments. So I stuck my head up and checked to see if the genset was working – and it was… So the genset fixing company guy comes out again, and starts scratching his head. I thought it was reasonably obvious what was wrong, either the circuit feeding the genset power to the apartments wasn’t up, or the alternator was completely stuffed – but, who knows… I’m certainly no expert.

Anyhows, (is that even a word). Thinking they were fixing it, I left – but they didn’t fix it. More brownouts, more heat in the apartment… it’s a vicious circle that…

Today, I just recieved the most comical email from the management company that manages the compund.

Please be advised that the generator has a major problem with the alternator. So when PNG Power’s supply goes off, you will have no power during this time until the main power comes back on again.

ahh yes – no shit sherlock…

So the funny thing is, this has been happening for a while, and instead of wondering why they were replacing batteries, they just replaced them.

And that is why every day is as fasinating as the one previous – lol

As least – when the power is off, I just have to turn on the shower for some moisture – instant SAUNA!!


Port Moresby Compound Photos

Yes the title of this post says it all. Sitting here Sunday morning, wife and kids still back in NZ, stereo blaring MY music – and it’s a cracker day here in Moresby. Due to popular requests, I have taken some photos of our small compound. There are only 7 apartments, split 4 and 3. There are all three levels with the top 4 apartments having ground garaging, middle living, top bedrooms. Our’s is the opposite way with the garage on top – although this is odd, it actually works really well, all the hot air ends up in the garage – so we stay cool at night in the bedrooms. Our apartments also have a better view – however the best view is from the garage balcony… But to be honest, the living room view is pretty special, and in our bedroom we wake up to birds in the tree canopy next door (sometimes they are up singing all night though). Each floor has a toilet on it, except for the bedroom floor – it has two… The laundry is up in the garage area, and as our Haus Meri Maria hangs out up here it works out really well. She feels that she has her own space and that works for both Jacinta and her.

This is looking out to the front gate. Note the guard house to the left, this is manned 24/7 by some of the nicest people we have met here.
PNG Compound Gate

Here is the expanse of concrete that Jacinta runs 5km in… Yes – 5km!! Sometimes she zones out and does 7km… There is enough room for the kids to ride bikes. Not all compounds are concrete jungles, some have nice grass area’s, tennis courts and playgrounds. We like our concrete jungle though – right next door we are surrounded by trees, so our view is totally different.
Inside the compound
expat PNG compound

Of course, before heading indoors – the pool… Used mainly by us – it is shallow at one end and drifts out to about 160cm at the deep end, the perfect depth for kids bombs!! Some pools are very deep, more like diving pools… There is also a BBQ for use here.
PNG Port Moresby Swimming Pool

A few photo’s of our garage – we have a spare single bed up here, there is the laundry, a toilet and lots of storage. We have set it up so that the kids can play up here – but also so that Maria feels like she has her own space when she is at work (Maria only works from 9am – 2pm, Monday – Friday)
Garage Entrance
Our Garage from the balcony

And the view from our garage is stunning. Yes – those are security bars, but they no longer bother us. In fact they keep the washing from flying off the balcony into the neighbours property!! 🙂
Ela Beach from our garage

Here is some photos from the living area, I haven’t taken any of the bedrooms – cause the bed isn’t made! The bedrooms are a good size, with the master having a huge walkin wardrobe and ensuite…
Excuse the mess 😉 The dining suite and lounge suite came with the place, as well as the fridge, washer, dryer, outdoor furniture, TV cabinet, coffee table, beds (but we brought our own). Ultimately, you can leave most of your stuff behind if you move here – just bring electronics, and kitchen/bedding etc – the staples. We decided to move everything over (we gave away a lot of stuff) as we didn’t know what the future held and where the adventure might take us.
Living Room
Living and Dining Area

And lastly, the little 6yo girl who lives across the road posed for a photo – I’m off this afternoon to get it printed for her. Her father Mark runs the buai stand outside our compound and his wife Latu is currently heavily pregnant with their 2nd child. Elizabeth calls me Uncle – very cute. Sadly, Mark told me today – that the disabled boy that often sits with him passed away over the Xmas holidays. The boy lives in Koki, but somehow finds his way all the way up to our place, where our neighbours feed, wash and clothe him. He was severely disabled but always had a smile – very sad, but as Mark said – he is in a better place as he was always in pain.

So anyway – here is Elizabeth 🙂

If you have any requests – hey, leave a comment 🙂