2 thoughts on “Brown outs

  1. Dear Aaron,
    Nice poem but none of it rhythms!

    Hope your landlords fix the generator soon, especially as you’re not well. Not sure which is worst, being too hot or being too cold. (2c in London right now & everything looks pretty covered in frost.)

    We’re finally over jetlag & not waking up in middle of the night. Things in London back to normal, but am missing my husband like crazy & our kids are missing their dad too.

    You’re probably the same, missing Jacinta & the kids, wishing they were there with you.

    Do take care.


    • lol – Anna, poetry isn’t meant to rhyme, rhymes are meant to rhyme 😉

      Yes – must be pretty hard for you all, coming over here and then having to go back… Especially to 2 degrees… Brrrrr. I couldn’t imagine being away from the family for as long as you guys are doing it.

      Take care

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