Missing Mug

I’ve either misplaced my all black mug, or it’s been removed from my desk at work. Either way, I am annoyed with myself. I’m either an idiot for leaving somewhere, or an idiot for leaving it somewhere where someone can take it.
Truth be told – I have more than likely left it somewhere. I just wish I knew where…. It’s possible that one of the cleaners cleaned it – and it’s accidentally been put into communual use, and now lives on someone elses desk.

So what is in a mug… Well, I have had that mug for over 20 years. It was thick, held the heat of the coffee in for ages, and gave me a perfect cup of coffee – every time. You can’t replace that! New mugs nowdays, just don’t cut it… so disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Missing Mug

  1. Hi Aaron,
    My fingers are crossed that you are reunited with your mug & soon. (20 years is a long relationship!)
    We have our malaria pills to take tonight, what joy. Nicole still has to down a litre of water before she can swallow it, it stresses me out much more than it does her!!
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Are they anti-malarial’s Anna? Poor Nicole 😦

    I think 20 years was actually an understatement. That cup has been all around the world with me. I think it’s about a 24 year constant… I have lost entire photo albums, push bikes, radios, money.. I even lost a car once (still can’t remember the address of the place it was stored at). The cup, was the last bastion.


    • Hi Aaron,
      The pills are called Lariam, and yes they’re anti-malaria. We had to take them a week before flying, weekly during stay & for a further 4 weeks now we are back. We didn’t get bitten too badly actually, I’ve suffered more in Kuala Lumpur & in Venice (didn’t even think they had any mosquitoes!)
      Joking aside, I really hope your beloved mug turns up. It’s sentimental, even if you could get another (identical) muig, it won’t be the same!
      Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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