Cockroach Heaven

 Yes, there is a roach house that lives on my desk at work.  Apparently, if you chop a cockroaches head off, they will live for about two weeks before starving to death…  Currently there are about 50 of the little suckers in there – pictures to follow…

so, tonight after having dinner with Peter (also baching it), who also has Malaria – go figure, we missed each other at the doc by about 30 minutes…  I came home to find the mother of all roaches sitting in the kitchen.  I actually don’t have too much trouble with cockroaches, but huge ones give me the shits… This was huge!  How the hell did it get inside?

I had already taken off shoes, so I grabbed a plastic container to try and trap it…  The bloody roach took off – and man could he motor.  Here I am running after the roach as he raced out of the kitchen and through into the living room – I threw the container at it, and he dodged, and ran straight back at me…  Hahaha – there was no way I was going to barefoot crunch it, and it bailed itself up into a corner.  I grabbed the container, and caught the big bastard.  Now that I had trapped him under the container, I had to slide some paper under it, hold that firm and flip the container.  Needless to say – he was pissed off.  A quick trip to the balcony, and he was sailing through the air into the neighbours back yard…

Take that roach!

Funniest thing I have done all week πŸ™‚

– malaria update: Peter got the expensive jabs in the butt, and was feeling much better basically that afternoon.  I am now feeling better, and went back to work today – but am taking things slow as I am rather exhausted all the time.  Hoping the drugs kill the little buggers eh πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Cockroach Heaven

  1. Aaron,
    Good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour as Malaria is definitely no laughing matter. Keep well dude your health is your wealth. I have been reading up online about how serious the illness can become especially if untreated.
    In the young ones who haven’t developed their immune systems like us adults it can be even worse. In your opinion for a family moving over to PNG, should I look at having my children taking malaria pills every day, maybe this will help prevent the possibility of contracting it or am i just being over paranoid?



    • Hi Dave, I have had anti-malaria pills in the past – and to be honest, they are almost as worst than the illness. The side effects were really nasty…
      I think you need to weigh that up, it’s a risk – however, PNG is one of the places where they really do know how to treat the illness.

      I wouldn’t say that you were being paranoid πŸ™‚ With it now being the wet season, our kids will be loaded up with bug spray – and even that can have nasty side effects.

      I am actually more concerned about TB and cholera than malaria – but you need to do your research, and come up with an informed opinion.


  2. Dear Aaron,
    You are such a “big girl’s blouse”!!

    Sounds like you are definitely on the mend which is great news! Will you be well enough to happy hour on a Friday night?

    Interesting facts on cockroaches. I have one, which is if you kill them, don’t squash them as that will leave behind the eggs, which will turn into more of them later on!!

    Have a great weekend & hope you make a full recovery soon.


    • Hi Anna,

      It was HUGE!!! lol

      Yes, I heard the same thing about cockroaches…. Not well enough yet for Friday night drinks, still just getting through the day, although today I felt pretty damn good. Even went to Vision City after work to get some groceries and have a look around. It never ceases to amaze me, how many people stand and stare at the big screen in the CHM store, or stand at the bottom of the escalator, unsure how to jump on πŸ™‚

      Thankfully – no bugs in the house tonight, and only one on my desk at work today πŸ™‚

      I hope the trip here went well, and you made it back to the UK with sanity in tact πŸ™‚


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