PNG in Pictures

I did promise that I would upload a few images, so here goes:

Hanuabada Village from the RPYC

The road to Sogeri and Crystal Rapids – awesome!
The Road Travelled to Sogeri

Some local lads diving into the rapids – Crystal Rapids, Sogeri
Local lads, diving the rapids

This is the view coming back from Sogeri.. It is aweinspiring!!
The view coming back from Sogeri

Sadly – I am using Jacinta’s laptop – which has been attacked by an 18month-old computer technician. Which make use of the keyboard nothing short of a nightmare, so it is just too hard to use a dying keyboard, and there is no chance of getting a replacement here in PNG. I’ll be sure to use something that works next time πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “PNG in Pictures

  1. Hi,
    Awesome site!! I have been looking at Jobs in PNG and are now on the shortlist for one. My wife and Children will be coming over with me. Do you have any photos of the compound that you live in to show us what the living conditions are like.

    Regards Dave

    • Hi Dave – glad my blog is helping you out πŸ™‚ I’ll collate a few pictures of our compound and email them to you in the next day or two (or put them up here). Our place is 3 levels, and very comfortable to live in. Although it’s a smaller compound, the kids can run around and ride their bikes, and Jacinta runs 5km inside the compound (although that is stretching the mental capacity I think). Some of the compounds (Era Dorina, Oz High Com, Oz Government) are exceptional, and are really more like highly secure gated communities.


  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the quick reply, the living conditions for my family is one of our major concerns. I have read alot of information about PNG and some is good and some is not the greatest, what was your main motivation behind making the move to PNG.
    Also if all goes well for me I could be over there in 4 months. But I can’t find any sites that give cost of living comparisons would you be so kind to briefly inform me on what are the major changes in living costs. Like Taxes, power, phone food water. Are they alot higher and consume the extra money that is paid as an expat?

    Kind regards

    David Bruce

    • Hi Dave,
      Our main motivation in coming to PNG is both being able to mentor and help Papua New Guinean’s and provide our children with a worldly experience. I am quite motivated by empowering my team, and looking towards the future where they have the experience to be able to do my job. Yes, you have a restricted but pleasant lifestyle – there are perks to being an expat πŸ™‚
      Living costs… This depends entirely on your package; accomodation, internet, power, vehicle, food, schooling – all very expensive. Taxes are graduated up to 42%. Depending on your package – depends on if this will create hardship or not. Our main expense is definetly food, so we don’t have a lot of luxuries like we would in NZ. The local food – either market or bought off the side of the road – is very cheap.
      Do they consume $$? again, this depends on the package you negotiate with your employer. For us, we find that we live comfortably.
      It’s very hard to give you a true indication without knowing what your package will be. If it’s a full expat package with above average salary, you will have no problem living here. If your wife wants to fly to Brisbane every second weekend and you eat out every night at a restaurant – yeah, maybe that might make things more difficult πŸ™‚
      If you want specific costs – quite happy to help – sample is below:
      K100 = NZD$60
      3 bed accommodation (town area) anywhere from K3000 to K7000+ per week
      1 KW power = about 53toea (although our bill is around K600 per month, not much in the way of AC on – I should check my rates πŸ˜‰ )
      mobile phone rates = cheap see:
      Internet: Digicel Mobile: 4GB = K450 (this is one of the cheapest internet options)
      Milk: 1 litre UHT (NZ Brand) K5
      Cheese: NZ Edam 250gm K8 – K15
      Beef: Scotch Fillet (local) K40 per kilo
      Pizza: K55 for a big one K65 for a huge one
      Satelite TV: K100 for 58 channels
      Fuel: K2.50 per litre (approx – mine is included)
      Beer at the Yacht Club: Expensive K11 Cheap K6 – Happy Hour = woohoo πŸ™‚
      Wine: Jacinta paid K30 per glass once, didn’t check the price – ouch!
      Meal out: K60 – K80 per person for a nice main at a Hotel
      Vehicle: 2004/5 Honda CRV – about K50,000 to K60,000 for a good one
      Schooling: see for 2012 fees
      Yacht Club Membership: see
      Clothing: Kids clothing – cheap but poor quality, adults clothing – expensive, still poor quality. Shoes – get comfy ones in NZ
      Electronics: an iPod touch costs over K1000 for the 8GB one!!
      Games: Xbox games in some shops are K400
      DVD’s: Latest DVD’s are K25 from the dodgy DVD shop πŸ™‚

      Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Aaron,
    Thank you for the detailed response it has helped my wife and I work out if the package is worth it. Your motivation is similar to the reasons why I which to become an expat, I am a people person and have trained alot of different cultures in systems and procedures, which has enabled the companies that I have worked for to have better continuity of workflow.
    The package on offer is a full expat package, with a base salary and accommodation, car, medical, schooling paid for. Will I have to pay taxes on these as well?
    Thanks again for taking your time to gather this information for us I am really looking forward to relocating to PNG.

    Kind Regards

    David Bruce

    • No problem David – happy to help.

      You will get taxed on your car and accomodation. The amount that is taxed is a set figure – so vehicle with fuel is something like K250 per month added to your salary for the purpose of taxation. Accomodation is higher than that (can’t remember how much). You won’t get taxed on schooling, medical etc is over 2 years out of date, so don’t use those figures in your calculation.

      How old are your kids? And where are you looking to move to? Port Moresby?


  4. Aaron thank you for that it seams like there will be an increase in the amount of tax to pay, and the sites I have seen don’t seam to be very clear on the exact amounts.
    I am putting together a spreadsheet with current costs vs projected costs to see what our estimated increased costs will be. We have two children Jack is 3yrs old and Jenna is 2yrs old my wife Kris is 39 and I am 36, the job is situated in Port Moresby. Our plans are that I will work and my wife Kris will study to become an Accountant, My background is in Logistics Management.

    • Your income for tax purposes will increase by about K1500 per month for housing, and K250 for car with fuel. So if you were paying the top rate for tax at 42% the housing and vehicle benefit would cost you around K730 per month (a little over $100 kiwi per week).

      Your kids are at a perfect age to enjoy PNG, in fact – all kids are πŸ™‚ Our littlest is 18 months old, with the two older kids both at school (9 and almost 7). Papua New Guineans love kids – and you will find that your Haus Meri (or Pikinini Meri) will smother them with attention πŸ™‚

      Let me know how things are progressing – make sure they get you up here for a look see, give me a yell when you are up πŸ™‚


      • Aaron,

        Thank you for the information that you have provided its awesome!!!, just to make sure I have this clear in my head, so lets say my base annual salary is xxxk amount it will be increased by $12,600k ( K1500 + K250 x0.6 =$1050 Kiwi x 12 months = $12,600k pa ) this is to cover the tax required to pay the benefits. Then if I was taxed at the 42% the housing and vehicle benefit would cost us $100 kiwi extra in tax per week, is this correct?
        I will definitely let you know how it is all progressing, and will have to shout you a beer if all goes well.
        If you need something from here I can bring it with me as well.

        Kind Regards

        David Bruce

  5. Hi Dave – yup, that sounds about right. They take your salary + the value of the benefits and tax it. Sounds worst than it really is πŸ™‚ If I could have a car + fuel + house for about $100 a week back in NZ – you would have thought I had just won the lottery πŸ˜‰
    No doubt will catch up for a beer – the social scene is pretty good up here πŸ™‚ If you want to bring me anything – a boat would be nice πŸ˜‰ lol – kidding….

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