Elevala Village – right next door to Hanuabada

On Saturday we went to Billy’s village – Elevala. Elevala Village is commonly mistaken as being part of Hanuabada – but the village is quite separate, and even feels and looks different. We were there for the annual sports fishing weigh in, and were gifts a beautiful Red Emperor fish by Billy’s father. I’m not at all sure what we can give back in return, but no doubt we will figure it out.

Here is a shot within Elevala Village
Elevala Village

And of Jacinta and Xaria with Billy’s wife and a local kid. Xaria was just getting susu out of the sun 🙂

Sitting watching the weigh in

We also attended Xavier and Xanthe’s last day of school and the Xmas Assembly, I caught Xavier unawares in this next photo – the kids both were up on stage, and considering how old the kids are that organise this event – it was awesome…

Xavier at Xmas Assembly

Finally, (and lets please not talk PNG politics) one of our compound guards Rocky told me tonight that he has handed in his notice and is heading back to live in his village. He will be missed, not only is he a terrific guy, he is very much respected by his team. So here is a photo of Rocky, taken tonight – the pool is directly behind Rocky 🙂