Hangi at the NZ High Commission Port Moresby

Today we had the Kiwi Club Hangi that was meant to be held on Waitangi Day, but due to bad weather was canned.  Last night we had a torrential downpour which filled the pit up and meant that today dragged a bit with the food out about an hour later than it should have.  Although both Jacinta and myself (being the Hangi experts we aren’t) would have put it down late last night rather than this morning…

It turned out to be an awesome day, however turned into a disaster at home with everyone tired, server problems at work, and both Xanthe and Xavier vomiting.  I think the lollies might have had something to do with the vomiting…

I was one of 3 meat carvers for the day, so once the food started coming out – I was full on carving the pork and lamb.  I’m not a chicken person so left that for Neil 🙂  I think that when you are busy carving meat – you do miss out on a lot, and by the end – I really wasn’t hungry, and was pretty knackered.  Jacinta had a hard time looking after the kids, but at least we had lots of friends around, with both Jane and Ian, Liesa and Matt, and Sharon and family coming out to enjoy the day.  I think we might make Kiwis out of those aussies yet 🙂  I only took a few photos and thankfully Jacinta did too – so here is the day out at the kiwi high comm in pictures:

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