PNG Work Permit Approved

I received an email yesterday that my Work Permit is approved – yippee! So, if everything else goes to plan, I should be in Port Moresby in around a months time. How exciting, but OH shit – not enough days left! It is our wee poppy Xaria’s birthday today, she turned 1 – omg. How time flies! But of course, it does mean another day where we aren’t doing what we need to be doing… Organizing and getting rid of stuff!

The horrible thing about leaving, is,

1. I’m going to miss my wife and kids – who will be coming up maybe 6-8 weeks later
2. I’m going to miss friends and family
3. I’m going to miss my uncles 60th birthday – sorry Kev!
4. Rugby World Cup! Bugger
5. The opening of the Forsyth Barr Stadium
6. All Blacks v Fiji – the official and definite last test match at Carisbrook
7. Election 2011 and the banter with my National Member Boss. Can’t wait to rub in NZ First back in parliament 🙂
8. My job, yes – I shouldn’t miss it, but I know I will…
9. Winter – I do enjoy the cold
10. Kids sport :(. Soccer/Hockey
11. My dog – even though he is already gone 😦
12. My truck – going to have to sell it soon
13. Internet 😦
14. Yeah – I could go on and on and on…..



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