Port Moresby is a long way away

It’s been a good few weeks since my last post – and unfortunately I thought I would be prepping my bags and *leeeeeeaving…. on a jeeeet planeeeee* in the next week or so, however I still haven’t got our Visa info back from PNG, so still haven’t submitted to the High Commission here.  Frustrated?  Yup – just a little.

As yet, I still have a house full of stuff, two cars, and all the normal everyday stuff you need – whilst living in Dunedin during the winter.  If it was summer – wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but winter….  You never know when you need the 4×4..!

In my last post I had a list of things I would miss – here’s the list again, but this time – I am going to scratch out a few things – cause we are still here!

1. I’m going to miss my wife and kids – who will be coming up maybe 6-8 weeks later   OK – the kids are driving us all around the bend!
2. I’m going to miss friends and family  Nigel No Mates, and the family have only visted once in 6 months, miss them?
3. I’m going to miss my uncles 60th birthday – sorry Kev!  Kev’s Birthday is soon!  Pity he is too slack to organise a party…
4. Rugby World Cup! Bugger  OK Super 15 almost gone, NPC to go 🙂
5. The opening of the Forsyth Barr Stadium  Might get there after all
6. All Blacks v Fiji – the official and definite last test match at Carisbrook  Might get to this too
7. Election 2011 and the banter with my National Member Boss. Can’t wait to rub in NZ First back in parliament :)  Boss is on holiday, but now not too early
8. My job, yes – I shouldn’t miss it, but I know I will…  ahh yes – I want to get stuck into my new role!!
9. Winter – I do enjoy the cold  stuff this – give me some heat!
10. Kids sport :( . Soccer/Hockey  Yup damn cold on the soccer field
11. My dog – even though he is already gone :(  Yup – still miss Jack 😦
12. My truck – going to have to sell it soon  OK – so this might turn into an issue – if I can’t sell it
13. Internet :(  Still have it!
14. Yeah – I could go on and on and on…..  Yeah – I could go on and on and on…..

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