Another day in PNG

EftPOS, Charge Card, Bank Card…

Desperately seeking someone that can give me one, it’s only been about 2 weeks – ANZ, you have my kina, please let me access it….

Yes – I do have a bank account here in Port Moresby, but no – still no way of getting any kina out, except for going down to the bank, getting a number, sitting down and waiting for my number to come up on the screen… waiting waiting waiting.

I’ve emailed the bank – response: sorry Allen… Allen, Allen who the **** is Allen? Yes – it’s Aaron. And this is the bank! Yesterday, emailed them again – thankfully, they haven’t responded with a “Sorry Allen” however – sadly, they actually haven’t responded….

Welcome to PNG! lol

I wonder what will happen when I make the account joint with Jacinta… And as for credit card facilities, or heaven forbid – internet banking. Well – you just never know 🙂