Making Progress

Any progress here in Port Moresby, is good progress. As a kiwi expat, I simply just expect things to happen – however, here…. It’s a little hit or miss, but at the end of the day, if you keep at it (and followup) things do happen.

So, I finally have a cash-flow card, and chequebook – which means I feel comfortable about my income situation. For a while there, I was feeling rather exposed with having a bit too much cash on me. Although when I checked my account, they hadn’t deposited the k50 I needed to start my account. ANZ – you have serious issues with how you setup accounts here in PNG.

Off to Aussie on Thursday for a long weekend in Brisbane and the Gold Coast with Jacinta and the kids – then we all (finally) fly over to PNG to really start our adventure – yay! And the kids are getting taken to Movie World too 🙂

We have somewhere to live! Yay! One of my colleagues lives in Era Dorina, and he is moving out – so he has kindly given up his apartment for us. Era Dorina is extremely hard to get into as it is so popular. It is a very large compound with 3 swimming pools, tennis court, gym, playground etc, and the kids will be able to safely cause mischief within the compound… Awesome – thanks Sean and family.

Our container is on it’s way, and should be here in a weeks time.

My team is warming to my philosophies, we did an office move today, everything was well planned prior – and it went perfectly. So I took the guys out to Gateway Hotel and shouted pizza and coke. Then they helped me find Brian Bell home center – so I could browse :). We get on really well, I enjoy the banter and laughs, but also that they just get on and do what they need too.

I only get Mosbi belly… Some days 🙂

I found the bloody mosquito that has been dining out on my feet in the middle of the night… Squish!

I have officially driven into areas where I’m not meant to, and nothing happened. It doesn’t mean that I am going to go back there – but it does mean that I am learning the streets.

Rugby World Cup – All Blacks – 1st win! w00t

Upset the Aussies cause I put a big All Blacks flag in my cubicle at work. Being the only kiwi in an organization of 175 – I don’t think they were prepared for the passion we/I have for the All Blacks


2 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Hey mate, quick question – what’s the best way of getting on the waiting list, if there is even one, for complexes such as Era Dorina? I’m looking to start a job over there in the next 2-3 months. Cheers.

    P.S. Great blog. Keep it up.

    • Hi Johnnie, email Credit Corporation to see if you can get on the list for Era Dorina, from memory their website is – aside from emailing them, I would get your company to hit them up. The other complexes like Islander Villiage just come up for rental via the rental agents. Keep in touch with your move, happy to help where I can, Aaron

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