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Facebook is going great guns here in PNG, with lower internet costs, an influx of Andriod smartphones, and an increasingly  savvy population – the outlet has turned away from Blogs and Forums, and Papua New Guineans are leaving their mark on Facebook.
The facebook group: LOCAL MARKET – PNG has over 41000 members, and there is a good reason why.  With no ebay (or Trademe) a high cost to advertise in the local paper, and a rabbit warren of shops around the capital – means a high demand for PNG to buy, sell and trade.  MarketMeri is another good spot to find a bargain, but since there is little in the way of social activity (something Papua New Guinean’s feel comfortable with) it is hard finding traction in the market.

Here are some good Facebook pages to help you out as a new Expat here in Port Moresby.  Please note – these are normally closed groups and you may need to go through a vetting process.  Facebook is full of scam’s and con-artists and we want to keep our facebook groups free of these and other predators.

Expatriates Association of Port Moresby – with 1700 members a great place for a new expat to start.

POM Parents Group – over 450 members, most being expat’s.  A lot of organising of little kids functions etc.  If you have kids – this is the place to join.

PNG Expats – another Expats page, a small membership of almost 400, and a great way to catchup, find out what is going on etc

Expat Buy & Sell In Port Moresby – over 500 members buying and selling.  From cars to wakeboards.

PNG Expats – another page (same name as above) for expats that used to (or maybe still do) live here and want to catch up with friends – lots of people from Lae (from the 60’s and 70’s)

Skerah – almost 40,000 members.  Skerah is a magaziney type Facebook page as well as running a website http://www.skerah.com

Our Port Moresby – another magaziney type Facebook page (with website) – doesn’t get updated enough (a lot like my blog – hahaha)

There are plenty of other Facebook pages around, such as Humans of Papua New Guinea; Only in PNG etc – some are very political, others aren’t.  Some are bloody dodgy!  Some are bloody funny.  As with any website – be private 🙂 stay away from politics, don’t abuse the country, use some commonsense.

Feel free to add your comments about your favorite facebook pages in the comments 🙂 

Please note – I have note put any companies down.  Not really interesting in advertising for other people unless I enjoy the service, have a great time, and isn’t made up.  I will however be happy to review a business, but only if you pay me 😉


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