A trip around Port Moresby

I am not one to normally argue a point, but breakfast this morning was a bit of a joke. Apparently, even though my room was booked no-smoking with breakfast, it somehow turned into a different room, smoking with no breakfast. So 40 kina was added to my bill this morning, and it’s guaranteed to be added tomorrow as well. Weird, because the day before I had breakfast no problem. I had a discussion with the poor waitress, who to her credit, went down to the front desk and was told that I had to pay. She seemed to be quite upset as she was stuck between a rock and a hard place – so I told her not to worry about it, signed the bill and I’ll sort it out later. Think I’ll leave it for Sean to ring and sort out – he’s got a bit more backing than me at the moment.
I did figure out why I keep waking in the night, the window/ranch slider frame creaks and groans, so I took a video so that I could show the construction boys back in NZ. I wonder if it is due to a blockwork construction… Very unnerving but.

I spent most of the day with Sean going everywhere we could in Port Moresby within reason. We did go past the notorious 2 Mile settlement, and spent time going to hardware stores, appliances, DVD shop, the golf club (where we stopped for exactly 10 seconds), and all the apartments up on airvos ave and it’s surrounds. The company is trying to get us into Era Dorina and after being inside the compound I really hope that we get in there, safe, secure and with things for the kids to do… I took a mountain of photos and really enjoyed myself – especially going into the supermarkets and chemists, it’s the mundane things here that are important. We also made it into Vision City, which is an amazing development, and a place that I can see Jacinta spending a bit of time in. We ended the tour by visiting the Ela Murray School and talking with the principal, who was very nice. Xanthe got the final spot in her grade, and I believe that Xavier was in the same boat, so I did the paperwork on the spot to secure their positions. The school is pretty awesome, lots of grass to play on, and heaps of classrooms. ICT seems to be a big focus, so that is great, and all the kids seem very happy. I wasn’t able to take many photos as there were too many kids around – and that is just not the done thing… But the Principal allowed me to take a few without kids in it to show my kids their new school. One of the things I was most impressed with was a “indoors” basketball court with stage and seating, open on both sides for the breeze. And sitting right next door to the wonderful swimming pool. I expect that gets a lot of use. Sean’s wife runs ballet classes here on Saturdays, so I can see X1 taking it back up again. And maybe X2 will spend the hour or two kicking the soccer ball around.

On leaving the school we were approached by a guy selling a big bunch of small banana’s – 5 kina (about $2.50), but they were very floury and were given to one of the guards at Era Dorina. Sean is very generous and gives people food, which is very nice. Some of these people don’t have much, and something that is inconsequential to us means a great deal to them.

I ended the day by going back into the office, and trying to spend time with my Projects team who are in the process of mapping out some business processes. However I kept being interrupted so made a meal of that. We did get together for a great group photo, and it is a photo I will cherish for a long time, although I look like I could drop 10kilos…

I will miss the team, even though I didn’t spent that much time with them, or as much as I would have liked. They have such fantastic synergies, from the girls that shyly giggle and don’t want their photo taken (yes, I hope you read this! – I want individual photos next time), to the guys, who can’t seem to stop smiling. We are a small team, but we have so much opportunity to do great things, I can’t wait to see you all achieve, and be there to support you in your goals.

This blog really sounds not like what it was intended, in fact it sounds almost HRish. But, I am just so thankful to have this opportunity. Papua New Guinea is full of promise, and I hope that I can assist in helping it’s development especially in IT. Technology nowadays is just as important as having commerce and tourism strategies. We all work hand in hand, but I am concerned that technology in Papua New Guinea is not being strategically delivered, and that the power of the dollar is undermining the advancements that can be made. If there is anywhere in the world that I can make a difference – it is right here. With a talented bunch of people, a company that is full of energy and growth – we can show PNG what can be achieved.

Some things I need to do; is get on some governance boards, in with the universities and of course the Computer Society, to evangelize, assist and provide support for our growing industry here in PNG. I sincerely hope I am still passionate about this in the future, as it is keeping me awake at night thinking about it.

I’ve rounded the night off tonight, by having a couple of beers at the Yacht club, and am now sitting in the very quiet bar at the Crowne Plaza. I fly to Brisbane tomorrow, and then onwards to chilly Dunedin on Sunday, then back to my real job on Monday. Before I sign off tonight the 20th May, I think I need to finish with an Aaron quote, and yes Johno – this one has P’s as well.

Power, Purpose, Privilege. We all have the Power to make change, it defines our Purpose, and in doing so, gives us great Privilege.

I love the letter P 🙂 it has given us Pride, Punctuality, Preciseness and Protection. It starts so many Powerful words, that Provide us with our Purposes…. I need to make a big letter P and stick it on my wall, or Partition 😉

Gudfala evening lo yu












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