The final leg. Dunedin-Brisbane-Port Moresby-Brisbane-Dunedin

I am so glad that in a few short hours I will be home. I am very tired. I’ve never felt this tired before, but I think trying to stay on kiwi time, but burning the candle on PNG time, the sights, smells and sounds – and the prick in the hotel room next to be (I got my own back this morning)… Have really contributed to my sleep deprivation.

I arrived in Brisbane last night, and Sue, Dion and Satu were waiting at the airport for me to arrive, it’s been 5 years since I have seen Sue, about 7 for Dion – and I hadn’t yet met his lovely bride-to-be – Satu. We had a nice evening catching up, Barramundi and Chips for dinner (considering I don’t eat a lot of fish – Barramundi is superb). And then Dion and myself caught a taxi into town so that he could go off to work and I could try and sleep.

Royal on the Park didn’t upgrade me this time around, but I didn’t have any energy for a spa anyway… 🙂 The dickhead in the next room was having a party until 10pm when he and his friends left, but they were back at 4am, and obviously got lost as they started banging on my door. So at 6am I turned on the TV, and on leaving gave their room and door a few good bangs. I bet they didn’t hear, but I sure felt better. Checked into the flight home early, tried to get an upgrade, exit seat or something. Not sure what seat I have but it maybe right behind premium, which will give me a bit of legroom and a quick gate exit. Just had the 10 minute call for boarding, so I suppose I will find out soon.

I had a chat on the phone to my father last night, he is in Daru, which is somewhere between Lae and Madang – it was an interesting conversation, as we both have the exact same feelings about PNG. I haven’t had much to do with my father over the past 20 odd years, buts it’s obvious that we are very similar – I am taller though :). Andrew, my southern highlands friend from the plane, is only a little fella, so Dad (who is normally the shortest man around) must be enjoying the fact he is taller than most :).

On Virgin Pacific now, again, have primo seat 4C, aisle right behind Premium economy (which is empty). Empty seat beside me and yet the rest of the plane is full…. I’ll be first out of the plane which is nice. So apart from being completed stuffed, the actual flying has been well above average. For lunch today, there will be a packet of m&m’s, ham & cheese wrap, and a ginger beer. No alcohol for me today – I want to be able to function 100% tomorrow….

Some advice from me to you, my avid reader (of which I know there are just the two of you), aisle seats are better that window seats, the window allows you to look at clouds and skies, the aisle give you stewardess bums, not that I am looking of course – it’s just an observation. If you are traveling to PNG and want to buy duty-free cigarettes, buy them on the plane $15us a carton, as opposed to $75AUD in Australia, or about the same in NZ. In fact, with the dollar the way it is, I actually wouldn’t buy too much in Aussie. A pair of men’s pants cost slightly less duty free in AUD than normal but when you convert the dollars to Kiwi I think it’s actually cheaper to buy clothes in NZ… Weird, or maybe my brain is so tired I can’t get the dollars and cents right. Funny thing is, the clothes in Brisbane, were the same as Dunedin. Polyester mix pants. So I think what I have will just have to do – might have to have a wee trip to Singapore to get more appropriate clothing eh 😉

Please, if you want any information on my experiences in PNG, or indeed once I am over there for good – let me know, I’ll be happy to help. I have an extremely good recall memory, so ask away.

For now – I am going to sit back, enjoy my book on my iPad, and relax before the flurry of activity that is the wife and kids descends on me in Dunedin.

tangio tumas

4 thoughts on “The final leg. Dunedin-Brisbane-Port Moresby-Brisbane-Dunedin

  1. Hi, long time reader, first time caller here. I happen to be reader # 1, no idea where reader # 2 is (drinks a lot I heard).
    The whole thing sounds excellent mate, I’m jealous. In fact if you have an opening for an engineer in a year, give me a call, or you could be cheap and just send an email 🙂 When do you go mate? Remember to pack a bucket load of dimp to keep the mozzies and cannibals at bay.

    • Mate – you would fit right in up there, I’ll give you a shout if I have anything or hear of someone hiring. It’s a wonderful place for those of us with the right attitude 🙂

  2. Hey, Bumfluff…. Engineer? Hmmm… What’s your qualifications? Always expat jobs in the paper here. I’ll keep a look out. Or do you want to become a uni lecturer?!?!? I’ve got an in… 😉

    • He’s an IT Engineer Wendy… he would really love it up your way, a couple of years ago he went on a trip to observe some little rare bird on some little remote island in the pacific, unpaid, in the freezing cold. But as for qualifications – don’t go there, Sir Bumfluff is master of everything, from Stuntman – to Comedian, never a dull moment :). But qualifications denote him actually sitting down and doing something, he’d rather be off doing something else ;). Although, a fake MBA from the University of Arrowtown would certainly allow him to liven up Lae!

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