PNG Bloggers

Since we have been of this journey – of ‘trying’ to move to Papua New Guinea, we have done shitloads of research on both PNG as well as Port Moresby, and of course my new employer.

I thought it was really important to post about a few of the places, that not only provided me research matter, but also have enabled me to keep a connection to a place that I am desperate to get to.  A lot of these are blogs, but you’ll have to excuse me if The list is small – I will add to it as I remember websites.

The PNG hot list:

A fantastic resource – with lots of forum posts.  The people that setup this website have shared a lot.  Basically the first place to go for information – although some of it goes back to 2002

The new breed of social media driven information.  Skerah has recently setup a real estate website, is very active on Facebook and tweets as well.

Another website with lots of resources (although lots that are old) but well worth a visit.

Dr Wendy is an American Expat living in Lae.  Beware, Wendy has all the tact of a pissed off crocodile, and plays the sarcasm card far too well for it to be unnoticeable… However, I read Wendy’s blog just about every day – she is witty, smart and full of life.  Once you get hooked – you’ll get disappointed when her Internet is out… Again!

The Andersons are recent arrivals to Port Moresby and it’s been interesting reading how they have gradually swung into PNG life.  Blog posts only happen every couple of weeks, but cover the whole two weeks.  They are now living in Era Dorina – which is the compound that we would love to live in, but have almost no chance of getting into.

Sadly, the bloggers here have had a SHIT time in Port Moresby, but yet also had an awesome time.  Very disappointed that as I write this, they are packing up to leave PNG :(. Hopefully you get to read their blog – as it is very entertaining

A family with 3 kids who have only been in PNG for a month or so, we have been in contact with them prior to their arrival, and hope that we can get together once we are up there.

Ben has been up in PNG for a year or so, he seems to be always doing exciting things (do you ever work Ben?) and although an errant blogger, is another blog I always check.

Well – those are my starters, I will add more – but please, if you have a PNG blog (that isn’t political etc) or enjoy reading some, or know of websites, please – leave a comment!