Malaria – round 2

One of the problems with Malaria – is if you don’t kill the little bastards, they stay in your system… So to cut a long story short, the other day I started to feel under the weather… Again. One of my guys, Jono – had a cold, so I just assumed that given my immune levels were down with the Malaria 2 weeks ago – that I was just picking up his bug… Until yesterday, when I realized that I didn’t have a runny nose etc. so, popped down to the pharmacy, and asked them if they had any malarial medicine that I could buy (self diagnosed) as I thought that it felt like I hadn’t got rid of it from round 1. But because I couldn’t tell them what I had already taken, they weren’t keen on just giving me the same thing. Instead, I got some multi-vitamins and iron tablets to try give the ole body a bit of a boost. They suggested I go back to the doctors and get another blood test…

I left work right on 5pm as I wasn’t really feeling right, did some grocery shopping on the way home, and was in bed rather early (for me).

Then last night I got the sweats, started spacing out, dizzy, nausea… And really really tired.

This morning, back to the doctors for more bloods, including dengue (just in case). And surprise surprise – I still have malaria, however now, they have doubled in numbers – which is why I now have all the crap that I didn’t get in round 1.

So last time I was prescribed Artesunate and Fansidar which are generally prescribed for the specific nasty malaria that I got. The doctor called it failed medication, so prescribed something a bit stronger: Coartem. This is a Artemether and Lumefantrine mixed drug, that the doctor said wasn’t available in their in house pharmacy (POM Private Hospital) and costs about K600 from Johnson’s Pharmacy. Bloody hell that’s expensive… So mt consult ended up costing K400, plus K300 for last time, and then K600 for meds… This is why Malaria will never be eradicated! K1300 is highway robbery, and not something that is easily affordable by local Papua New Guineans. She did say that City Pharmacy might have it cheaper, so Jacinta took me to Vision City to go to City Pharmacy. Sadly, they dont stock it either. So off to another pharmacy, again – no luck. We were off to Johnson’s when we went past Chem Care – which looked like a dodgy little pharmacy, off the freeway at Gordon’s (down by PNG Art). Stopped in there, and they didn’t stock the Coartem, but had an exact substitute called Coatal (made in China – hope it doesn’t kill me) – cost K34…. Bargain! Bought!

I like saving K560, but In reality, I was feeling really bad by this stage – so think that if they had some miracle drug I would have just bought it so that I could get home…

So there we have it, back on meds, back off work. Damn Malaria!


5 thoughts on “Malaria – round 2

  1. Hi Aaron,
    I’m so sorry to hear you’re ill again with malaria.
    I’m a bit dubious about the cheap imitation from China! Hope that helps & doesn’t make you feel worse.
    Hope you make both a speedy & full recovery.

    • Hi Anna – yes, I feel the same way about the cheap imitation too.
      But, then again – if some Chinese manufacturer rips off the drug, produces in another factory, calls it a different name – but it’s exactly the same as the original, then sells it for 5% of the cost – and it saves lives…
      On the flip side – if the drug companies don’t invest billions into development, there would be no drug to rip off, and the only way they can recoup the cost – is to sell it at a high rate.
      So by purchasing the knockoff – are we creating a bigger hole?

      oh dear

      At this stage – I think I’ll be happy to be well, and back at work πŸ™‚ Then I think I’ll worry about the implications later πŸ˜‰

      • Aaron,
        I think you should switch off & rest up too!
        At least, Jacinta is there to nurse you back to health this time, so you don’t have to brave it out alone.
        If those “dodgy” drugs don’t work, would you like me to see if I can get them from England at a more reasonable price & send harm to you? Give me a shout if you do.
        Get well soon & all the best to your better half & the kids too.

      • Thanks Anna – if they don’t work, they’ll put me on something else πŸ™‚ it will be fine πŸ™‚

        Going to be A LOT more diligent about the ole mozzie spray eh πŸ˜‰


      • Sorry, didn’t spot auto correct turned “them” to “harm”.
        Above sentence should read…..”send them to you?”

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