I hate malaria

Well – it’s been a pretty crappy time. The malaria -or the meds, have played havoc with the body, although I am now on just the final 14 days of primaquine. The injections in the ass were funny, the nurse has a wee smile “lik lik pain” she said 🙂 I got all 7 shots in the same place, I figured – if I was going to have a sore ass, may as well isolate it to one area…

The other night, I finally got an appetite, and as Jacinta picked me up from work – we popped into Ela Beach Hotel for dinner. Now – I am not normally a kaimoana type eater, but much to Jacinta’s surprise – I chose to have chilli tiger prawns for dinner. They were goddamn deeeevine!!! omg

Right now – we are trying to figure out a June holiday to Surfers Paradise. We could possibly stay with Dad and Sue – but, we actually want a holiday… holiday. Not worrying about anything, just doing what we feel like and having our own space. A couple of days with them would be nice for a small trip – but I’m sure with 3 screaming kids – 2 weeks might be a bit too long…

pretty slow on the blog front, got no energy really for the brain power it takes to write…


3 thoughts on “I hate malaria

  1. Here are a couple of other destinations I have tried from Pom, that might be more appealing than the Surfers option.
    1. Get a domestic flight to Vanimo, a taxi over the border to Jayapura and domestic flight from Jayapura to Denpasar Bali. Cheap Hotels and meals (third the cost of Oz) and plenty for a family to do. I recommend the Bali Safari park where you can pat the lions and cubs. You will have to get Indo visas from the Indo Embassy in Waigani tho.
    2. Get a flight to Cairns to connect with the Continental flight to Guam. Flights a bit more, but you can get a special deal from Avis Guam for a car and hotel for US$99 a night http://www.avisguam.com/special_offers.html
    You can have a go 44 magnum shooting and there are lots of things for families to do as well as mall shopping. kiwis don’t need US Visas.

    • Thanks Greg 🙂 When the smallest is a little older we might just do option 1… I also looked at flights to Fiji – just for one of those relax moments. It’s cheaper to fly to Brisbane – then onto Fiji, than it is to fly direct from Port Moresby. I don’t get that.
      I also thought that direct flights to Hong Kong from Pom would be ideal – sadly, really expensive too 😦
      Guam sounds like a interesting place to go, might have to stick that on the list as well 🙂
      The idea behind Surfers – is to get other family (from Aus and NZ) to all congregate, if I pay the accommodation (or the majority of it) flights into Brisbane make it a pretty cheap holiday for everyone 🙂


  2. Yeah the PX F100 flights to Nadi are more expensive than going via Bne. If your family is joining you from the South Islamd, Surfers is the cheapest rendezvous point with transtasman flights into both Coolangatta & Bne. This is the best transtasman fare-finder http://www.houseoftravel.co.nz. If your family is coming from AKL, then Cairns would be an alternate to Surfers as both Air NZ and Virgin compete on this route now.

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