Wanna be an Expat in Port Moresby?


You want to be an expat, you look around and you find PNG, more specifically – you find Port Moresby.  Then you find a couple of websites like www.lonelyplanet.com, www.expatblog.com, and mine of course www.kiwiexpat.com you check out wikipedia and find that Port Moresby has a climate where it barely gets below 24 degrees (and thats when everyone gets hypothermia), and also that it is ranked by the Intelligence Unit of The Economist, as one of the world’s least livable cities (ranked 137 of 140 cities rated).

At this stage, you starting hunting around for the bad shit – as you do. And you see reports of sorcery, violence, rapes and murders.  You find out that expats live in secure compounds surrounded by razor wire, with 24 hour guards – and by all reports, you can’t drive anywhere without putting yourself in harms way.

And you either now decide “stuff that” or “sounds like a bit of a beat up” or “woohoo” or “what a load of bollocks – where is the real PNG”….

Then you post on a forum or two, completely ignoring the links to blogs or other posts, and if you are concerned – you regurgitate the same thing everyone wants to know.  Is Port Moresby a dangerous place?  Should I live there? ????????

Here is my advice if you are thinking about coming to PNG (Port Moresby)

  1. Research research research – you will find, the bad shit isn’t actually that bad.  We don’t get burgled in our homes (not often anyway – the security for our house is better than a bank in NZ), murders are generally payback (an eye for an eye), and unfortunately  the bad shit normally happens to local Papua New Guineans.  You will also find (when you research), what the tax rates are, how much it costs to live here, and what there is to do once you get here.
  2. Realise, that locals are (and should be) first in line for jobs.  If you come up here as a sales person in a store – you are taking a job away from a local, and increasing the cost of goods and services with your over-inflated package.  This just adds to poverty.  If you want to come here, please come with an attitude of wanting to help PNG.  Since I am an IT Manager, I often get emails from out of work software developers or IT administrators wanting to move to PNG, don’t even try….  IT is one place where we only need mentors to provide experience to Papua New Guineans, a lot of our graduates are struggling to find work.
  3. Become a mentor, give freely of your mind, time and experiences.
  4. Embrace PNG
  5. Share your adventure with the rest of the world, everyone reads about the shit side of PNG  not the good.  Spread the word!  PNG is one of the most amazing places on earth – it’s time the rest of the earth knew about it.

And if you want to ask questions, please get in contact 🙂


101 thoughts on “Wanna be an Expat in Port Moresby?

  1. Hi Aaron

    I find this real interesting and i am thinking woohoo this is going to be an adventure. I was hoping you might be able to help me with a tax question in regards to income tax in New zealand. I am currently in Perth and can find very little relevant infomation here. Do you still pay NZ tax to the IRD?



    • Hi Kallum,

      Yes – PNG is an adventure 🙂

      We pay graduated tax up to 42% here, so that is more than tax in NZ, so you shouldn’t have to pay anything in NZ. You should still contact the IRD though, as to be honest I wouldn’t really have a clue. I have a rental in NZ (our family home), and still haven’t engaged an accountant to help me out there 😦 sorry.


      • Hi,
        i am in touch for a job of Consultant or Senior Analyst in Telecom IT sector in PNG, with 10 Year Experience. Company Name is Huawei.
        I’ll be coming from India, with my wife and 1 school going son.

        Please let me know how much Salary Package + benefits should i expect, i.e.
        Salary, Bonus, Residence, Company car, Relocation / Moving Expense, Air Tickets, Leaves, Education Allowance, etc. ?

        And how much will i be able to save, if i live a simple life?


      • Hi Gee,

        Huawei are new to the market here. I couldn’t possibly try and figure out how much you would earn, or what your benefits would be. I think you need to wait for an offer, then check to see if it is a good offer or not.


    • Hi Aaron,
      Amazing blog! Its been a huge help. Im a 27 yro looking at taking a foreman postion in Glazing trade based in Port Moresby. I just wanted to ask how much building is going on around Port Moresby? Are there many high end buildings/resorts/house going up? Also is it easy to get in touch with other kiwis around my ages or much of a social scene in Port Moresby?



      • Hi Andy – more buildings here going up than any other little city that I have been to recently. There is a lot of work going into the 2015 Pacific Games, but also lots of investment in Hotels and apartment blocks – even a few more corporate buildings as well. And yes, plenty of people your age to get into trouble with 🙂 If you are into boating, kite surfing, MX etc – you will find a treasure of socialness 🙂

  2. I’m a retired female teacher from Canada, and have the possibility of teaching at Ela Murray International School in Port Moresby, starting in Jan. 2013. I’m gathering all the info I can. Safety? Travelling as a “single” woman. My hubby would remain here in Canada as our son as still at university. Do I need a car? Any insight would help. Thanks. E

    • Hi there,

      Although in a minority, there are “single” expat ladies here in Port Moresby 🙂 You will soon be enveloped in the social fabric of POM though 😉

      During the day, my wife travels around POM by herself no problems. You will need a car, you can’t really get around the city without one. The taxi services are OK (Scarlett and Ark) but I wouldn’t rely on them 🙂 I would expect that the TEMIS expat package would include a vehicle or some sort of transport.

      Two of my kids are schooled at TEMIS – it is a great school, our son’s class of less than 20 has one teacher, and 3 assistants… One of our close kiwi friends is also a teacher there – so if you wanted to talk to her directly, I’d be happy to facilitate the exchange of email contacts 🙂


  3. Hi
    I am an accountant with 35 years of experience and a lot of it in mentoring. I have experience in working with BI packages like Hyperion and Cognos. I have worked for large organizations too. My children are grown up and I am based at Auckland. Which Recruitment agency would be a good place to approach for jobs at Port Moresby? Having read your comments about Port Moresby I am interested to go there.

    • Hi ya, most accountants arrive out of Asia… The recruitment agency most likely to advertise is John Davidson http://www.jda.com.au who have an office in POM. http://www.seek.co.nz is the primary source for job findings here (outside of the local papers).

      You could possibly contact Delotte’s, or PWC as they may be recruiting themselves 🙂

      good luck

  4. Hi Aaron.
    My name is Hugh from Australia.
    Can you offer some advice to me. I am part of a world wide spiritual healing group. Our organization would like to hold information lectures about help and healing on the spiritual path in Port Moresby. The Australian Country leader will be coming to Port Moresby on Thursday to have a look around. We need a room to hold the lecture. Also some publicity on the event. Can we distribute flyers? Is there any free advertising we can do through any media? Your assistance would be most appreciated. Thank you for letting me send this too you.
    If you need any information on the organization I belong to, please email me on hugh.dinning@y7mail.com
    All the best

    • Hi Hugh,

      I trust your country leader has somewhere to stay here in Moresby? I would suggest that he uses either the Holiday Inn or Crowne Plaza for room bookings, and maybe touch base with the local newspapers for an editorial piece (you might get free advertising out of it) http://www.postcourier.com.pg/ and http://www.thenational.com.pg/

      As you maybe aware – the country is in the middle of Electioneering with elections starting at the end of June. When your country leader arrives on Thursday, I think he will quickly grasp the logistics in trying to do what you want to do. I think you will need to engage with local groups in order to get the word around 🙂


      • Hi Aaron
        Thank you for your swift reply and advice. She is staying near the airport, not sure where. I will ring the holiday Inn and Crown plaza. We are non for profit, and the expenses are paid for from donations. So hopefully they can give us a good rate. These local groups you are talking about. Is there a directory where I might find them? Also can we deliver flyers into letter boxes and leave them with shop keepers? This information would really help. Thanks Aaron.

      • Hi Hugh – PNG doesn’t have letterboxes 🙂 As for shopkeepers, I really don’t know – I really can’t see you being able to do that without some sort of local engagement. Local groups would have to be people in your target demographic, for instance – if you were a Seventh Day Adventist group, then the starting point would be their university or church. If you don’t have any contacts here – it will be tough I’m afraid.

        If your Country Leader is staying out by the airport, then she will most likely be at the Gateway or Airways hotels 🙂


  5. Dear Aaron
    You will be pleased to know that from your link to the newspapers, I have arranged for our leader to meet with a key person, who is willing to offer all of what he can do for us. So your assistance has been very fruitful.

    All the best

  6. Sir,

    I’m a US citizen inquiring as to which US (specificaly oil and gas) operators are working PNG (and where). I’ve been a expat for 12+ years and agree with your outlook—that we should not just be looking for an assignment but rather be looking to work overselves out of a job . PNG is one of my new target areas as I’ve already worked Russia and most of Central Asia.



  7. hi,
    i am planning to go there in PNG…my husband will be there by next year….i just would like to ask ,how much is the salary of a teacher there..what are the common requirements to get a job as a teacher…..thanks

    • Hi Bessie, I’m sorry I can’t answer your question as I have no idea how much a teacher is paid. You should try talking to some of the bigger schools like Ela Murray or Port Moresby International.


  8. Hi Aaron

    Looking at an opportunity I have been offered up in PNG. How many expats live in POM and are in the age range 25-35?


    • Hi Patrick, there are plenty of you young folk (hahaha) here. Seriously though, there is such a range of ages here I’m sure you will fit in ;). If you are into things like diving, boating, kitesurfing, surfing, biking, trail biking – then you will find lots of people in your age group I’m sure.

      But even if you don’t, us +35 aren’t such a bad crowd – once you get past the having to go to bed at 9pm… lol


      • Hi Aaron
        Some superb replies here and I agree the +35 crowd ain’t too bad, just researching and see your comment about biking, it’s early days yet but I may be coming out and would appreciate a little advice, is there a good cycle shop ( I appreciate it will be a little pricy) or should I try and bring my own out?

      • Hi Alan,

        There are no cycle shops here, some of the stores sell cheap mountain bikes that wouldn’t last 3 potholes without something going wrong. I’d suggest that you bring everything, and spares 🙂 You will need to join one of the cycling groups, apparently they aren’t a bad bunch of people 😉 They ride in groups with one person doing driving duties in a chase car. They normally go out very early in the morning…


  9. Hi Aaron, I’ll be heading to POM next weekend for a month. I need some short-term accommodation. I was hoping to stay somewhere near the Deloitte Tower on Douglas Street. What are your suggestions? A lot of the more ‘affordable’ hotels are in the Boroko area but I think that’s quite far to travel to/from work right? I’ve never been to PNG before and I will have the ‘single white female’ syndrome there also. Do you think there is a possibility of doing some kind of homestay or sharehousing etc, or I wouldn’t mind leasing out a studio apartment but unsure of such short-term leases. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Shanie,

      The only places to stay around town are the expensive kind: Ela Beach Hotel, Grand Papua, Crowne Plaza etc. unless you have any wantok’s here you will be hard pressed to find somewhere else, although – I would suggest you contact Sherah http://www.skerah.com and see if they can help. They are a local company with fantastic contacts.

      Hope that helps

    • Hi Rod, hard to say really. Given that all expat contracts are different, it will depend on what you negotiate. We know people that have to provide their our car and pay for fuel, others that are fully inclusive, some have electricity paid, others on tax free (or net grossed up).

      A family of 5 obviously spends more than a single, and it also depends on if you get paid in FX and are subject to FX woes.

      If you live within your means, and don’t always eat out or travel out of country every couple of weeks, then it isn’t too bad 🙂 food does tend to be on the high side, but shopping at the markets, and being choosey lowers that down


  10. Hi Aaron,

    How are you doing?

    Nice to read your posts and suggestions to others. I am Balachandra (Bala) from Bangalore, India. I have 20 years of experience in IT. Have worked in USA, with Agilent and as consultant. Been with HP for past 14 years. Now, I am getting an offer from a local company in PNG. They say take home around 7k per month after tax. will that be a good amount. Its basically heading the IT organization from there and getting the job deliverables from india. company will provide accomodation and car with fuel. 150k per annum what they told. so, is it 50% taxable income. and what would be the price of a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom for rent in Port Morseby. thats where its going to be work place. Will that be enough or should I negotiate more. Because, you know India being the growth country coming there should have some extra benefits of saving and living a good life. I would appreciate if you could help me out with some websites where I can check on the salary, cost of living etc. and your valuable piece of advice also.


  11. Hi Sir;a
    I am a real estate manager in manila, philippines and a placement agency approached me inviting me to explore the possibility of working in PNG as a manager in real estate. How do locals accept asians as managers?

  12. Hello aaron:

    Do you have any idea this PNG Balsa Company in Kokopo east New Britain? Is it a big company? How’s their accomodation and salary rate? Actually i have an interview this coming days for a position of mechanical engineer.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Best regards,

    Rod from Philippines

  13. Aaron, I just stumbled across your post in my search for jobs in Port Moresby. I am Canadian, but spent 13 years of childhood in PNG and admittedly, am eager to return. Your post was a refreshing change from the usual fare of expat blogs I tend to find on PNG.

  14. Hi Aaron,

    I am an Australian citizen living in Sydney. I was born in Papua New Guinea in 1972 – before independence so I’m Australian by birth. I lived there for about five years. I have always wanted to go back to PNG for a visit, but the thought of living there for a couple of years also appeals to me.

    I work for a small architecture firm here in Sydney but am looking for a new challenge. Just posting on the off chance that you know any architects over there. I suppose I could try a mining company but I’m not an engineer.

    We have one 17 month old son and possibly another on the way.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    • Hi Pete,

      Peddle Thorp do some work up here. I’d suggest you contact the big companies that are doing all the building work: Nambawan Super, Nasfund (the two big super funds), Steamships, Carpenters, RH…. A good friend of ours just got married to a architect who works by himself on projects he picks up here in Port Moresby.

      I’ll ask around and let you know, but that’s where I would start if I was you. You could also try the team at http://www.businessadvantagepng.com as they have some great business contacts


  15. Hello

    I am a UK tax advisor and ACA accountant and have been presented with the opportunity to work in Port Moresby. The goal is certainly to held develop the local talent and I am not of the mind set that we should be trying to take work away from the locals. My package would be 120,000 AUD, plus car and living allowance, is this sufficient, I know livings cost are very high. Additionally and perhaps the biggest hurdle is that my other half is currently employed in Maritime security, after spending 3 years in Afghanistan and 8 years in the Royal Engineers (UK armed services). We would really like to apply for our visas coterminously, and although people keeping talking about a demand for security personel, most of our emails are going unanswered. Any advice you have on any of the above would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Alz,

      That salary would be plenty to live off here especially with just the two of you. I suppose salary is one of those hard things, some people like the high life, others don’t. Food (and partying or holidays) are your main expenses 🙂

      I’d suggest your husband contact the local High Commissions as they would have security teams in touch with other security companies. Our good friend Jane works for the Aussie High Comm (in the right department), I will flick her your email details next week and maybe she can help out 🙂


      • Hi Aaron,
        Thanks for all your information to others which has been very enlightening for me. I’m from Ireland and I’ve been offered an unpaid internship with the UN in PNG. I have lived in relatively ‘unsafe’ areas before, however I’ve never experienced compound living and am slightly put off by the prospect of being so disconnected from the communities that I would be working with. Also I have a very small budget of about 15,000K for 6 months. Could you advise if this would be enough? I can live very humbly as long as my accommodation is secure. Also is there any alternative to renting a luxurious compound apartment? (For example is there any commuting possibilities for Port Moresby or are there any opportunities for house-sharing)? I would very much appreciate any advice you can give.

        Many thanks,

      • Hi Alice, 15k for 6 months is very low but not untenable, please tell me it’s US$ and not Kina?? I think you need to contact other interns here in PNG via the UN. There are lots of other communities that may take you in, I know some of the Pinoy’s have like a shared living thing going on where they rent a room and all eat together etc. I’m sure that there are options, I just wouldn’t know where to start I’m afraid. I’ll ask around – but no promises that I can help 🙂 Oh – and there are taxi’s that you can get, but I think you need to hook up with some other friendly expats to get around safely 🙂

        good luck

      • Hey Alice, I read you are planning to do an internship with UN in PNG. I did the same in 2009 with the UNFPA. May I ask which agency are you going with? My general experience was, that expats are very helpful in PNG especially because of the security issues. Regarding commuting, I tried using the PMVs a few times, but soon realized its unreliable and not the safest way of getting around 🙂 Most expats lived in the CBD area and always drive! Walking is not really an option as POM is rather hilly. Actually, finding affordable accommodation your best option is either other interns. AusAid and UNICEF had quite a few interns while I was there and they usually shared an apartment. You may also approach PNG nationals, if they know a cheap and secured place. Gilbert Hiawalyer with UNFPA has a lot of friends so he might be good to approach. I hope your accommodation problems will sort out and you will have a great time in PNG.

  16. Hey Aaron,
    Very useful blog with a lot of nfo.
    I worked as an intern with the UN in PNG for 1 year back in 2009 and I am looking for a way back in ever since. Unfortunately, paying UN jobs are hard to score specially for expats. I have a MSc degree of Public Administration and Communication, and a few years of work experience mainly UN procurement and the academia doing different types of research in economy, migration policy etc. In your opinion, is there a general interest for this kind of knowledge in PNG, or the labor market more demands engineering and other skills directly applicable in industry? Could you advise where to look for potential employment/involvement in service sector, NGDO, Academia?
    (I am from Hungary, so we unfortunately don’t have High Commission or Embassy in the pacific 🙂
    Much appreciated.

    • Hi Martin, I can only think of AusAID or maybe World Bank. AusAID is generally for Aussies though… I would still try hitting them up as they will have plenty contacts

  17. Aaron: loved your blog about the shit things and the good things. Its rare to hear of the good things and there are plenty! Your blog comes across loud and clear: courtesy and respect for others. Unfortunately of late I dont see enough of that.

    Been working in and out of PNG for awhile now and moving to POM next week. We are looking forward to being residential

    • Hi Garth – have more to post about the GREAT things here in POM soon… But sadly stuck here at work doing the WORST things, helping fix problems over easter… Congrats on the residential move, trust everything works out well

  18. Hi Aaron,

    Glad to find this forum and read all the posting here, I am a female Malaysian got an offer to be a broker in timber industry. My nature of work I will need to go to timber camp for maybe 4 days to a week every trip. Was told to consider about the security before I consider further on staying in POM and package. My nature of work will be in/out POM but might need to stay longer in POM in future. Was told that it is not advisable to walk on street alone and better stay home by 6pm or after work. I am thinking of renting a one room apartment and will be staying alone, will it be a good idea?

    Please advise. Thanks


  19. Hi Aaron.

    Thank you for your post and they are very informative for any incoming expat at POM. I’m an accountant who’ll be there hopefully by next month (depending how fast the government decide on my work permit application).

    I am also a yoga practitioner and is planning to continue doing so. Is there a yoga studio in Port Moresby or in nearby areas?



    • Hi Arlen, sorry I haven’t got to your post – I have been away on holiday.

      I’m not into Yoga, but pretty sure there isn’t a traditional studio here, but I am pretty sure the Yacht Club does sessions. Hopefully you are here now?


    • You will find, once you get here – internet isn’t always available, people are on holiday, work is crazy busy…. At least give me more than 24 hours to respond.!

  20. My partner has just moved to Moresby on a 3 year contract and I am looking to join him in the next few months. Are there many jobs available for someone like me who will already have accommodation etc? I would most likely looking at Vocational Hospitality Training, Language and Literacy Training or even some sort of admin…my skill set is quite broad so I am flexible. I know you can’t tell me of specific jobs, but just wondering if other partners have managed to find full or even part time jobs.
    Also is there a website where I might find jobs advertised or is it all word of mouth?
    Thanks in advance for any info you may be able to offer.
    🙂 Monique

    • It is generally by word of mouth, sometimes the High Comm’s advertise through the parent group emails etc. so yes – work here is available.

      As for if you should/could work – that’s up to you, personally – with 3 kids, my wife doesn’t really want to work.

  21. Gday Aaron

    I was wondering if you have any insight into the motoring industry ? I have recently been approached re a position overseeing dealerships in PNG currently I live in rural NSW Australia and would love a challenge ! How are expat Aussies regarded in PNG in the sales industry ?

    • Hi Rick,

      I know a couple of the National Sales Managers for different car dealerships here, and by all accounts they are well regarded. Must warn you though, their life is their work 🙂 You’ve gotta know everyone in order to succeed in sales here… I think the challenge at the moment is that vehicle sales aren’t order based like they were last year and prior – people aren’t spending like they used too, so you really need to get the sales cranking if you want to succeed.

      Great people management is also highly regarded here too 🙂

      Hope that helps

  22. Hi Aaron,

    this is the best forum i have found so far and its not being negative about PNG.

    Just a quick one.. I Have been offered a role with UMW with the usual package of car, secure housing ect…

    Im married with 2 young kids under 3. We are very well travelled but before I make the decision to move to Port Moresby i want to make sure that my wife and kids will be safe. Is there much to do there? is also kid friendly? Any other information would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi Wayne – with little kiddies, although there isn’t plenty to do for them in public, you will tend to gravitate towards other families with children and they will get plenty of social time 🙂 Port Moresby has changed over the past couple of years, there are many safe tings to do, such as the Cinema – plus playgrounds for the little ones at both the Aviat and the Yacht Club. A lot of compounds are now putting playgrounds in as well. The little kids school at Ela Murray is fantastic for the under 4’s, and pretty damn good for the kids about to go to big kids school. My 3yo daughter loves spending time with her “Aunties” at school, and of course our haus meri at home. Papua New Guinea’s do love kids – and little foreign kids tend to get the smiles on the locals 🙂

      Hope that helps – suggest you come over for a look around before committing if you can though 🙂

      • hi wayne, been here 6 months now and love it. Yes there is crime and a lot of it, yet havent heard a gunshot since Ive been here, yet when I lived in Sydney (90’s) there was a shotgun blast or pistol shot at least once a month in my suburb. My partner feels safer here than growing up in Bristol, UK. You have to be alert and aware of your surrounding all the time and avoid certain activities/things. Most crime seems to be crimes of opportunity, not necessarily directed exclusively at expats. I agree with what Aron said and life here is different to home and u soon find new things to do and see. For us our life here is very people orientated, visiting friends and hosting them at ours as well as going to the beach etc together, if you can come and check it out.

  23. Hi Aaron,
    I am Lester and I am an Operating Nurse for 7 years now.
    I am from the Philippines and I am now living here in Brussels,Belgium to practice my career.
    A friend of mine told me that nursing jobs are now starting to grow there. I am planning to transfer in PNG however reading some blogs made me realize about my safety.I would be very much happy hearing something about your insights about this. and also If in case do you have any idea on which site can I pass or solicit any applications?
    Hope to hear from you soon

  24. Hi, Aaron-
    Thanks for your comments and commentary. We are researching the possibility of coming to PNG and your insight is very helpful.

    My wife and I have an english bulldog who is very much a part of the family. Do you have any insight on bringing a pet with you to PNG? IS there veterinary support in Port Moresby? Do you know of any/duration of quarrantine for incoming animals?

    Thanks so much!


    • Dan – we faced the same issue with our dog. Getting your dog into the country would be fine, I doubt that there is even any quarantine for him/her. There is an SPCA that also acts as a vet, but I am not sure how effective they are… Lots of people here have dogs, from rotty’s, to german shepherds and even Great Dane’s.

      The biggest issues you will face are:

      finding a place that will allow you to have the dog
      making sure no other dog attacks it – they roam wild around here
      having someone look after it when you aren’t here
      getting premium dog food
      and, getting your dog home again.

      we rehomed Jack for all of the reasons above.


  25. Hi Aaron, I’m assessing a job offer which involves business development in PNG to sell satellite broadband capacity to government institutions and enterprises.

    Would appreciate on general tips on the broadband market, dealing with government to get all the licenses etc, and travel safety etc (would expect to be on the ground for a couple of days per month)


    • Hi there,

      Possibly the most competitive market in PNG at the moment! You will need to submit to NICTA for licenses. I wouldn’t envy the role, you would really need to be on the ground a lot, and most companies here are looking for established services – not fly by nighters.. sorry 🙂

      Suggest you do your research on satellite capacity over PNG and all the companies providing this service, I think you will be surprised at how mature it is here. You would really need a different angle to hit the market,


  26. Hi, Aron,

    Me and my wife are getting an opportunity to work in PNG for a hotel on a one year contract. I am from India and salary package offered is approx. 4000 USD for both of us including accommodation and food..
    Few things i wanted to check.
    1. How much money do you think we can save per month if out accommodation and food is taken care of.
    2. Is PNG safe and will we enjoy our tenure over there.
    3. After out contract can we apply for job opportunities in Australia / Newzealand.


    • Hi, sorry – this was in my spam folder…

      1. Don’t know – depends on your lifestyle and how much you spend
      2. Please research this. Please read my blog, I am pretty open about my experiences here, but you have to decide for yourself.
      3. No. You need advise from immigration consultants, not a blog, NZ and AUS have strict working conditions.

  27. Hi, Love your work!
    I am considering a job offer in Business Development with (removed company) in PNG. Primary objective of the job is to generate (removed company information) revenue across (removed company) and display advertising products through direct sales to local brands and agencies.

    Any tips or advice on what the current market for this product/service is like?
    How competitive is it? What’s the best way to network?

    Also what are your thoughts on package – (removed salary) USD Net Annual Salary + Comms, (removed figure) US Monthly Living Allowance Accommodation, car pool, normal business tools.

    Just curious, Could I survive living on the monthly allowance (removed figure) USD???

    Would really appreciate your feedback.



    edited by Aaron

    • Hi Ronaze,

      I really can’t comment on if you can survive on $x nor how much you earn. You need to be comfortable with your lot, and personally – I couldn’t do the car pool thing. There are plenty of example on this blog of living costs, I suggest you research research research….

      As to how to be a BDM, if you have to ask – then maybe you are going for the wrong job… Again, research research research.


      ps: You have posted your salary, company etc on both my wife’s blog, and mine. I did think about leaving it there, but in the interests of everyone else – I have edited it. Please don’t post your package all over the internet – given the amount of people and companies that read my blog (including your prospective bosses) it really is a sure fire way to not get a job here.


      • Oops sorry mate, silly me… thanks for taking that detail down.
        I will take your advice though and do bit more research.


  28. Hi i will work for a certain company ** as an auditor do you think **** usd is the real salary there

    ** edited by Aaron to remove company and salary.

  29. Hi Aaron
    I was just offered a job in PNG and been looking around the web, I really like your thoughts here , I am currently an expat living and working in Lagos/Nigeria , I disagree with most of what they say on the web about Lagos , believe it or not Lagos is an expat friendly city ,Nigerians are nice people , just follow the basic security common sense and you will be fine(so basically sames rules for PNG and same apply for mentoring thing). I think after reading your blog I have set up my mind, I’ve never been to this side of the world I feel excited to be there and share my adventure 🙂

  30. Hi Aaron,

    Just been having a look over your blog and it seems by far the most interesting, level-headed and entertaining source of info I’ve found on PNG. Makes the prospect of pitching up in Port Moresby much less daunting!

    I’m going to be coming here with a colleague for about 4-6 weeks to carry out interviews within the mining sector and I was just wondering if you had any tips about sorting short term accommodation? All the hotels seem incredibly expensive here so is there much possibility of finding a place to rent for this kind of time period?



    • Hi Nath – sorry it took so long to get back to you. Hotels are cheaper than apartments sometimes. You could try LJhooker or Century21 here in POM, or try one of the more budget (but safe) motels like the Comfort Inn

  31. I’m looking at coming up to POM around June 2014 to do some specialist work with an NGO (sharing our knowledge). Our team will include 3 members and we’re looking for the best accommodation option. We’d like to avoid the 5 star approach and go for something a little more affordable for all involved. Can you make any suggestions?

  32. Hi Aaron,

    I am an Australian Resident and interested in exploring IT infrastructure support and service business in PNG. I was wondering if you can suggest me the business potential or some websites to understand the same.


  33. Good day Kiwi Expat!

    I’m from the Philippines and have been recently contacted by a multinational company in PNG to work there. I am currently doing my research, especially of Port Moresby, where their office is located. A lot of articles on the net say crime rates are high, tax rates are at 42%, it’s dangerous, etcetera. Although I would like to know the real deal before considering the offer. The company did say I would be provided accommodation and transport in a ‘very safe area’. Would you care to enlighten me on how exactly it is there, especially for expats like you? 🙂 Also, would you know the average salary of expats there? Just so I know where I stand.

    Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Hi Nina, please read through my blog – It’s quite hard to articulate what Port Moresby is like in one comment, but my blog certainly spells it out. You may hate it, you may love it. The Pinoy community here is extensive though, and you will find yourself being enveloped pretty quick.

      There is no average salary here for expats. We all have different jobs for different industries and this does reflect in our income. It’s exactly the same here as any other country, it is up to you to figure out if it is worth it or not.


  34. Hi Aaron

    How are you doing? First of all thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge about Port Moresby, it has been very helpful for me. My husband has been offered a position in Port Moresby and we are now considering what to do. We have a 3 year old kid and we are, as you will guess :), concerned about safety. Could it be possible to send you an email? Thanks heaps

  35. Hi Aaron,

    Hope all is well mate. I am from the UK and have recently been presented an opportunity to work in Port Moresby. My contract includes housing, chauffeur, health care and visas. I have read a lot about safety and security. I’m into golf and surfing, and was wondering how easy it would be to continue those leisure activities. Also are there modern supermarkets and shopping malls in Port Moresby where i can easily walk around by myself? Also could you provide me some insight into the nightlife of expats in their mid 20s.

    Loving your work mate.


    • Apologies Allen, I thought I had responded to this… Yes, we have a golf club here (complete with crocodiles!) and plenty of opportunities for game time. The surf scene is actually quite positive – you will need to touch base with people that surf, but my understanding is that there are a lot of good surf breaks around PNG.

      There are a couple of modern supermarkets and malls in Moresby, my wife walks around these by herself no problem – you will be fine 🙂

      As for nightlife, there are bars and clubs around. People do socialise a lot at homes, and there are 3 “modern” nightclubs, Illusion’s (Town area), the Cosmopolitan, and Lamana’s Gold Club. The Cosmopolitan is HUGE! If you are outgoing, you will have someone take you under their wing pretty quick…

  36. I fininsh grade 11 but did not completed 12 becoz of some complicated reasons in life @ yr 2008-2011.I did bussiness study @ pom bis cal bt completd 1st yr only.
    Well I have my grade 10 certificare,reference,cv .I am good in computer like typing,sklls,english & maths.
    Zerah Bafape

  37. Hi Aaron,

    Your blog is amazing!
    I was offered a position in an accounting firm in POM but still thinking if I would take or not. I’m from Philippines and my only concern is that they say i would not be able to go around places (restaurants, grocery) on my own (28 female). Do you agree with this? I just can’t imagine a work-home life.

    Thank you 🙂

  38. You have mentioned your wife walk to and from the shop(alone?/group?).is it safe for me to drive alone as a lady driver?and yes driving mostly during day time whilst hubby at work.

  39. Hi Aaron,

    I got a job offer as staff nurse in Port Moresby. From what my job agency told me, I’ll get roughly 3,500 kina. I’m not sure if I’m being shortchanged or something because I’m looking at a lot of articles and blogs showing how a one bedroom apartment rent is already about 6,000 kina or so.

    Do you have an idea on what a nurse in PNG really gets? I don’t know anyone yet in PNG.


    • Sorry – just saw this. 3500 kina per week = K182,000pa which is a lot more than most Papua New Guinean’s, and yes – if your accommodation and vehicle etc were all provided and you were by yourself, you could live on this easily (you would get taxed at 42%) – however – what I live on and what you live on could be totally different things. The Kina is depreciating at the moment – so although you might earn good money here – at home it might be shite.

      also – not sure what a nurse here gets sorry 🙂 I try and avoid hospitals 😉

  40. Hello sir,
    I am hailing from India. I got a job offer in BULOLO as sr. manager in manufacturing industry . I have two daughters one in Grade 5 and the other one is in LKG. How is the place in terms of security , medical facility and Education.
    Also what should be my salary.

    Kindly answer my questions it will really help me a lot.
    Thank you in advance.

  41. Hi Aaron,
    I got offer from university with monthly salary around $4000 with free accommodation and some benefit. I have 2Q
    1- is this enough and can save some
    2- can I bring my GF and make for her house keeper visa.

    • Hi – I can’t comment on if that is enough money for you – what is good for you may not be for me. You don’t mention if it is Kina, US$, Gross or Net.

      And no – your girlfriend cannot get a house keeper visa. These positions are reserved (and should always be reserved) for Papua New Guineans.

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