PNG Independence Day Celebrations – Ela Murray

Yesterday the older children took part in a singsing at school – Xaria did her’s at the liklik school on Wednesday. So I turned up with camera in hand to take photo’s. At the moment I am collating them – I took a few hundred, so I will do a gallery posting later tonight once I have everything organised. It was an amazing day – and the kids were bloody awesome. I was very proud of them all…

The day started with the PNG national anthem, then the pledge, then a parade of each region complete with flagbearer whom was dressed in traditional dress. Then the classes came out and danced. awesome – did I say that, – I’ll say it again.. AWESOME!

I then went back to work, where I was asked to dress up for our work celebrations. After checking out one of my collegues face paint and dress, I was told by one of his staff “that he was going to win”.. Of course, I replied “is he getting his kit off?”. Lol. So headed upstairs and had a choice of wearing a headdress from Momase, or representing Manus in full traditional dress (but no penis gourd). So of course, I took my kit off. Not only was I the only expat in full dress, I was also the only male – so all our staff had a great time taking my photo and cheering me on. As a prize for effort, the team gave me two bilum, very chuffed with my bilum :). And then later on, one of the guys from another team Herman, gave me a beautiful string basket/bag… I was honestly stunned.

A great day had by all and yes – here’s some photos (including one of me at work) 🙂

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