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A big Port Moresby – PNG update

I know, I know….  I’ve been so busy here at work that I haven’t had the energy to blog.  I think that can be a bit of an eye-opener for new expats into PNG – you work bloody hard!  Well, at least – I know I do…  And with the social calendar chock full – the writing time takes a hit.  So – without further ado, here is a VERY fast update about what the hell we’ve been up to over the past month or so.

My 40th birthday – yup, a great big BBQ poolside, lots of friends, some funny photos – un-publishable! It was a birthday I will remember for a long time, a few people will never remember it – lol

We also had Jacinta’s birthday and Xanthe’s birthday in October – so it was a bloody busy month.

Loloata Island: I took Jacinta and the kids out to Loloata for Jacinta’s birthday.  It was awesome, we swam, snorkelled, ate, relaxed and really had a great time.  Yes, it seems expensive to go – but worth every penny (or kina).  We are going to make a much bigger effort to go out more often in 2014.  It was just a day trip, but so much fun – and some fantastic photos that I will upload soonish.

LNG Site: We took a drive out to the LNG site – apparently you shouldn’t drive this road alone, but I didn’t have any issues, and we followed other cars.  I tell you, it is MASSIVE!  And a great wee drive in the countryside…  They even have a golf course onsite, doesn’t look like there is any croc’s though (unlike the POM golf course).

Kiwi Club Ball: The must do event for 2012.  We were some of the first to get there and last to leave.  Xavier and myself helped setup the ballroom in the morning, and it was just a freakin awesome night.  Our small table of ten won a case of wine and a trip for 2 to walk Kokoda – pretty good considering the small amount of prizes 🙂

Go pinis: So many of our new friends are leaving, some at the end of long contracts, some at the end of short, some unexpected.  This is the life of expats in PNG – sometimes finding the right contract is the hard part, and sometimes just trying to find your way in the Land of the Unexpected is hard.  We will have friends for life from PNG, it’s just really sad seeing them go…  But – still more friends coming in, and beers to be supped, and wines to be drunk – the expat circle continues 🙂

recently: Port Moresby Corporate Rugby League 9’s.

I got roped into coaching the companies 9’s team, and if you know me well, you will know that not only am I the world loudest couch-ref, I am also ultra-competitive, and love my league.  So I am really enjoying the challenge and environment working with some of the guys not just in the IT team.  We had our first two games on Sunday, and after winning the first 4-0 we went down in the 2nd 4-8.  We’ve only had two training runs as we were a late addition to the competition (they have already had a round) and hence had to play a catchup game.  The boys went really well, and I am sure we will be in line for another crack this weekend.

Boat sinking: Whilst we were out playing footy, Billy (one of my team) was out in his dingy (banana boat) in a village fishing comp.  20 km’s out from land, they submarined the dingy and sunk it.  With 6 on board, they were very lucky that they were able to wave a bright coloured t-shirt and make a short mayday call on a cellphone before the phone got wet.  Billy said the dingy went under in about 4 seconds!!  After bobbing around in the water for an hour (with no safety gear) they were rescued by other competitors.  A couple of months ago – they lost some boys at the exact same spot – it’s a trench with a fast current between some reef’s.  So, Billy, his dad and nephews etc – were BLOODY LUCKY!!!

If anyone from Hulchwilco is reading my blog, I’d love to see you guys sponsor a few of these.  Papua New Guinean’s live in the sea, but can’t really afford all the safety gear that we just take for granted in NZ.