Land of the lost

blogger!  lol – I know, not too many posts in a while.  That’s what PNG can do for you, make you so damn busy you don’t have the mental energy to blog.  Stay tuned – promise more this week. Aaron

2 thoughts on “Land of the lost

    • Hi Nigel, PNG is a big place, you don’t mention where the role is – so it’s very hard to comment. Port Moresby itself isn’t as bad for expats as what is made out. My wife drives around all day with kids, and we feel comfortable – but alert. You learn very quickly where you can and can’t go, and your local PNG team will make sure you know where you shouldn’t go. Most crimes here are against nationals, or expats doing the wrong thing (or being in the wrong place). Take for instance, Lawes Road here in Port Moresby – notorious for carjackings late at night – it takes 3 minutes to drive the long way, so we drive the long way, even though there hasn’t been a carjacking up there in a long time. I’d suggest to anyone looking to come here – to come for a look/see first, yes – it’s different, yes – it looks dodgy, but Nationals are genuinely very caring and happy 🙂


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