Yes – still in the Land of the Unexpected

Hi readers, yes we are still here, even though my blog posting is slooooow.  Busy busy at work and on holiday, so not had too much time or mojo to put into my blog.

I have just cleared a lot of questions from my spam queue, hopefully have answered them all….

We have a couple of events coming up, tonight it’s the last State of Origin game, and on Saturday the All Nations Ball is on.  I’ll try and do a real update when I am hungover on Sunday 🙂

5 thoughts on “Yes – still in the Land of the Unexpected

  1. Hi My Name is Kate ‘m Asian thinking to work in PNG can you tell if it safe?
    Don’t really know much about the country?
    I would appreciate it very much … Thanks!!!

    • Hi Kate, where in PNG? PNG is a country with many developing challenges, and although I feel safe here – lots of people don’t. It will depend on many factors, how confident you are, where you work, live, play etc. I can’t give you a definitive answer as what might be fine for me, may not be for you.

      Thanks Aaron

  2. hey, im going to png for two months. tentatively first week of october. i just want to ask how is the internet there? (at home , 3g /4g on iphone, portable wifi) and can you recommend a very good data provider? im scared and excited at the same time. i think png has so many beautiful beaches / resorts.

    • Digicel and/or bemobile are the two cellphone companies. Currently 3G on digicel and 4G on bemobile (although the jury is still out on that). Portable wifi is available, there are a few sites on the internet that tell you the correct frequency, but like everywhere make sure your phone is not network locked. I have an iPhone 5 that works fine, and wife has a HTC One X from New Zealand that also works fine.

      • do they allow hotspots? cause my friend who went there. said portable wifi doesnt work with macbook? is that true? ill be there next week. im really scared. haha.

        btw i love your blog. keep up the good work.
        thank you and God bless you and your family!

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