Rabaul and Kokopo Part 2

Some more photos of our recent trip to Kokopo and Rabaul, enjoy 🙂

The road from Rabaul Hotel into town

The road from Rabaul Hotel into town

japanese tunnels

Between Kokopo and Rabaul is this series of Tunnels, apparently a hospital from WW2. As you can see – no-one has removed some of the tools and or artifacts, and long shall it remain this way

japanese tunnels

Pretty interesting view out of the tunnels

slaughter pit

This young chap was our tour guide, here is was explaining that this was originally a well, but was then used to chop peoples heads off hence the groove in the top. Personally, the truth should never get in the way of a good story 😉 but it’s got some credibility, it does look like a good place for some head chopping

chinese memorial

Apparently a memorial to 3 chinese officers

barge base

Local kids setting up a little market outside the Barge Tunnels


The tunnel goes some 200+ metres back and was used to hide Japanese barges from the Allied Forces. They had to be moved a large distance just to get to the cliff


Took lots of photos of the Barges – in awe of what was done here

xaria barges

Xaria is outside checking out the local kids 🙂


Amazing condition, and an asset to East New Britain


They sure made them to last


lol – Xaria found another Aunty 🙂


Colour, Race, Wealth – means nothing to a 3 year old. Xaria, the aunties and the kids all had a great time

kokopo markets

This is the amazing Kokopo markets

kokopo markets

Peanuts for sale at the Kokopo Markets


We spent Sunday at the Rapopo Beach Resort


Nothing but lawn, beach and water at Rapopo Beach Resort. Pretty damn awesome!

zj_war relic

This tank is just sitting beside the main road in Kokopo

beach bungalow view

And if you happen to stay at the Beach Bungalow’s, this is the view looking towards Rapopo and the airport

We loved Kokopo – and would go back in a heart beat,


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