Places and Compounds to know around Port Moresby

OK – so I haven’t got quite to “Part 2” yet, but I did whip this little map up the other day and forgot to post it…

This is a “general view” of the town area in Port Moresby. So, if you are an Aussie High Comm person coming up and you will be living at Kone, then check the map πŸ™‚ . Likewise, all your shopping might be at the Waterfront ..

Hope this helps with some prospective expats to PNG, and if you want some more detail, please give me a holler.

Port Moresby Compound Locations

Locations of Compounds in Port Moresby – town area

13 thoughts on “Places and Compounds to know around Port Moresby

  1. If I live in Touaguba hill can I go for a jog round the streets? Can I walk to work in Douglas St, could I go for a swim at Ela beach in the morning 6-7am and can I walk our family dog I’m bringing up? Sorry – a few questions but I guess it’s saying – if it’s daylight hours, is it safe to walk/jog on the streets by myself? Cheers. Love your blog. It’s been a real help. I start on April 7th. Will be on the watch out for the loud kiwi couch ref for sure. The info in this blog is worth a beer or four …… Cheers mate. D

    • Hi Dave,

      You will see a lot of people walking around Touaguba hill, especially early in the morning. There is a “loop” around Airvos Ave, Lawes Road, Ela Beach that is quite popular. My wife used to walk around by herself or with a friend, so reasonably safe (although caveat applies if you get mugged!). There is some early morning groups that walk the freeway hill from the Yachty and lots that walk/run the Yachty marina (around the outside). I think I have answered everything else via email, but thought that this might help others if I replied here πŸ™‚

  2. Hey mate, I am from Melbourne bout to come to POM. Have been reading your blog as it is the only one i could find with the most up to date information.

    Thanks for all the information you have been posting.

    my company is putting me up in some expat apartment compound in Hohola for the duration of my stay in POM. Is that a nice area? I will apparently have a driver as well. Do you use the gym or are there any decent gym facilities around?

    And finally, what is the expat community like? Would like to make introductions with some expats there as I am moving there by myself!


    • Hi Neil, the only expat compound I know of in Hohola is Islander Village which is pretty good. it is situated right beside the Holiday Inn (which has a gym). Hohola has some dodgy spots, but around the Holiday Inn is fine πŸ™‚

      There is also a gym at the Yachty and a refurbishment happening at the Aviat’s gym.

      There is a very large expat community here, you will be fine – just be friendly (we were all new expats once) πŸ™‚

      • Thanks mate, appreciate the info. I will be moving there probably end of May/early June.

        please continue to write on the blog, it has been very helpful so far in planning this big move!

  3. Hi Aaron, we are about to commence our PNG adventure in May for 3 years, and are preparing madly!! Departing Canberra. We recently had dinner with friends who have come back from POM and they wax eloquent about their time over there. thanks for the posts – this one was immensely helpful following the driver training we just received.

  4. Hi aaron,

    I wanted to ask, do the banks there work the normal weekday, 9-5pm hours? I was thinking of opening a westpac account from here as Westpac is also in POM apparently. Do you know if the deals here with bank accounts are similar to the Westpac there?

    I was looking for a no fee bank account as I will be paid locally. In Oz, the bank offers no fees if a minimum amount is deposited monthly.


    • Hi Neil – 9am to 3or4. From memory Westpac here is not the same as Westpac in Oz (no connectivity etc) same as ANZ. To be honest, banking here is a bit hit or miss, I currently bank with BSP as they have a branch in the local mall that is open in the weekends and safe and secure for my wife, however I do pay for the privilege and the service can be a bit slack. I have been trying to get a bank statement here for close to 4 years now with no luck.

      As for fee’s – there are fee’s, just remember that PNG is not Australia πŸ™‚


  5. Hi Aaron you beauty!!
    I LOVE your blog
    I am NOT a blogger, NOT a social media person etc. etc.
    But your blog is priceless
    Thanks heaps- thank you for using your time to help “the collective us”

    My husband will probably be securing a gig in POM early July 2015
    I am a Registered Nurse and am very keen to continue to work in the Community Health field
    I have been online looking for prospective jobs but have found it difficult to find advertised positions??!
    Ultimately I would like to work for an NGO assisting local Women and children,rather than in a hospital setting. However I do want to get paid!!
    Can you recommend a starting point? A place where it would be relatively safe for a Australian woman to work in the Community? A contact person? (Big ask, I know)

    As I write this I am wondering if you have the answers to my questions
    Totally understand if you have no idea, however I have noted that you seem to know everything else about POM!!!

    Thanks again for your efforts
    Looking forward to your insight

    • πŸ™‚ Welcome. You could contact Grant Muddle at Port Moresby General Hospital (he’s the boss), that would be a starter as he would know what is going on out there. There is also International SOS (I have a contact there too), and of course the Aussie High Comm. There is also Susu Mama’s that may need help. There are lots of expatriate nurses here in volunteer jobs, so getting paid might be difficult, but certainly there is great need here πŸ™‚

  6. Hello mate,

    I’ve been following your blog since I applied for a job with a local insurer a couple of months ago. It’s a bloody interesting read and POM sounds like a fascinating place.

    Turns out I’m likely to get the job and now waiting on an offer. I wonder if you’d be so kind as to offer up any advice for us, i.e. good locations to live (office is Tisa Haus Waigani); best places to socialise, what are the main challenges for expats looking to set up in POM? Also, I think I have an idea what sort of package I’ll be offered but what would be your bottom line in terms of benefits in addition to housing and vehicle based on your experience of living there? Will be arriving with my wife and two boys (3 and 1) from Wellington in 2-3 months all going well.

    Any advice gratefully received as I know you get asked a million posts/questions like this!

    Thanks heaps,

    • Hi David – looks like all your posts hit my Spam Filters… I trust you got this sorted out in your visit. Suggest that if you want some direct answers that it’s best to email me πŸ™‚

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