Lanes – 10pin bowling in Port Moresby

Lanes is the new 10pin bowling alley here in Port Moresby.  After coffee at Cafe Palazzo, we headed up (the team in the cafe actually checked it was open for us without any prompting).

Xavier is keen on having his mates go bowling next week for his birthday (he was 12 yesterday) so we rocked up to try and book, was told that if we were there at 11am it would be no problem, and decided to throw down a couple of games whilst we were there.

The venue has 6 lanes, all modern (no bumpers for little kids though), a Cafe, alcohol, and the ability to buy from the restaurants down stairs.

Aside from no shoes and having to put covers over our existing footwear (which was hell slippery) it’s a real slick operation and well worth going to.  We had lots of fun, pictures and pricing are below:

5 thoughts on “Lanes – 10pin bowling in Port Moresby

    • The great thing is that it is attached to Lamana Hotel – so it’s unlikely to end up being run down. Nothing like being waited on whilst you are playing 10pin, it makes the whole playing 10pin into a bit of an experience 🙂

      • I’m not sure how old it is, down Waigani Drive, one street past where the old Subaru Dealership was on that side of the road going toward Gerehu. Basically a block away from the Holiday Inn :). It’s owned by the Constantino family.

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