The End – go pinis

Well, our PNG adventure is finally coming to an end. My (2nd) contract finishes up at the start of June, so myself, the wife and kids will be flying out of Moresby on the 2nd June. We’ve had a great time here in PNG, and I’m sure there will be a few tears shed by us as we depart.

This blog won’t die though – I will actually have move time to post (hahaha) and with better connection to the web….

I think my blog needs a revamp too – I’ve been meaning to do it for some time, but just never gotten around to it, so whilst I am cafe surfing back in NZ, it will give me something to do.

10 thoughts on “The End – go pinis

  1. We managed two contracts too, seven and a half years. Going pinis is better than dying pinis.
    Hope you helped a lot of people along the way. I did a lot of staff training and my Lions club supported many local causes.

    • Thanks Dorothy, I think we left our mark 🙂 Not looking forward to this our last week, it’s normally the time when something goes wrong. Luckily just yesterday, my company car went into limp mode on the way home from work – thankfully not at 10pm at night!

      • Well if you feel nostalgic for the climate and the friendly people I recommend a holiday in Fiji. I went on the Blue Lagoon Cruise for 7 days last year, fabulous. It is a catamaran so can go in close to the Yasawa islands, even ties up to a coconut tree, swim at a different beach each day. Bit safer than PNG.

  2. Your blog has been our go to in the prep for our time in PNG and where we’ve directed our family and friends where they’ve had their mini freakouts about our decision. Its been informative, real and all around brilliant. Thank You 🙂
    We’re 21 days out from leaving Auckland and are looking forward to what the next 3 years brings (and warmer freaking weather).
    All the very best to you and the family and your next adventure

    • Hi Sharon, I’m glad my blog has helped – especially with friends and family. Best thing to do is get the more adventurous ones to come visit and then rave about how awesome PNG is 🙂

      It’s been VERY warm up here at the moment – it’s meant to be the cold months, but we are actually using our AC for a change. Good luck on the move – if I can help with anything, I might be gone from PNG, but HTH.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog, hilarious at times and you did point out a few things that as PNGn am embarrassed about (the instant mark up at craft markets, road rules-what road rules?, to name afew)..PNG is not as bad as what people say out there, its beautiful and the people are generally friendly. Glad you had a great time here..Best regards to the rest of the family. Wishing you a safe journey back home..Cheers.

    • Thanks Rach – don’t be embarrassed about the little things – they make PNG what it is. I asked some of my team this morning “Why do taxi drivers hang their arm all the way out the window?” no-one could answer – they all laughed 🙂

  4. Thanks for all your insights on life in PNG!
    We are australian expats working there part time on a local website and enjoyed reading your tips on the local life. Enjoy your trip back home!

  5. I have being a keen reader and “off line” follower of your blog since 2011. Being a PNG’n, the blog was (and is still) mostly fun and entertaining. Both you and your family’s experience with our people, the different events and lifestyle were all described in true PNG context – and I am still smiling recalling one significant blog about the PM’s XIII match between the Aussies and our Kumuls. That was truly hard core PNG fashion written all over it 🙂
    I am glad these experiences were appreciated, and shared, despite the odd instances. Thanks for being part of our country’s progress and I am certain you developed our human resources during your tenure.
    Keep those blog’s coming 🙂

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