Mosbi Bellie? Hmmm TMI..

Today is the National Day of Repentance, a new public holiday here in PNG, dedicated to prayer. Officially, I started mine last evening as the reef fish I had the previous night (which didn’t taste quite right) started attacking my system. It’s not nice having a crook gut, but at least I wasn’t disturbing my wife 🙂

This morning, feeling rather exhausted – I got to Skype and see the family (less bubba) back in New Zealand. I wish I had a better connection, as it was a little choppy. And then, of course – I get the public holiday phone call: email down. And then a call from my old work back in NZ – to give me a hard time about my office… lol – and to get some advice regarding something that I had been doing for

So drag myself into work, call one of the guys, and thankfully with some direction, I sorted it out, so that he didn’t have to come all the way in. Domino and Blackberry – one I have never had to use, and the other was some 6 years

Back to the hotel, and have spent this beautiful day (must be in the 30’s) asleep, doing some work and then watched a movie called Surrogate – which stars Bruce Willis (thanks Rob!). I am hoping I feel better tomorrow as it is the last Saturday of the month, and the Ela Beach Craft Market is on from 8am to 11am (I think). And the off to a Kiwi Club social event, they are hosting a Fish and Chip night to watch the All Blacks thrash the Ozzies. Should be good fun!

Yesterday, I stuck a claim down for an apartment up on Paga Hill, is really nice – family friendly, and even has undercover parking! Hoping everything goes through and we get it. The only bummer thing about it – the pool is VERY deep, no real kiddies part. It’s the deep alright, and it goes ALL the way around. I had a half hour chatting to Albert, the guard at the gate. He helped me out with telling the way the wind blows (so it isn’t coming straight in the apartment), what the existing families were like, what the area was like etc – nice chap, who I’m sure we will get on well with

Back at the hotel last night, yet again – no car parking. People using the gym had taken the carparks – this happens most nights, but this time they took down my room number, plonked me into a managers carpark, and I promised to come back down after dinner to move the car. Took some cheese rolls that I had bought down to the guards when I went down to move my car, to show my appreciation :). They are really nice guys, except for this old guy who never smiles or says hello – though, maybe he is just shy 🙂

Funny thing at lunch today, I recognized Bea Amaya who blogs here Bea was one of the first bloggers we found when deciding to make the move to PNG all those months ago. So naturally, I introduced myself (not shy me). And will have to make time at some stage in the future to catch up proper. Port Moresby is a big place, but activity wise it’s a little limited, so I’m sure I’ll see the same people in my travels…

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