PNG – Tropical Paradise

Since my last post, I have so much to say – but really not enough brainpower to say it. I still have Mosbi Belly, and the construction on the hotel just outside my window has some nights been going through till midnight!

Saturday, I went to Ela Beach Markets – took one of our new expats (Cesar) who started a day after me. He is lacking in a little confidence :). Met Lesley and family so that was nice to meet someone that Jacinta had been emailing :). Their kids will get on very well with ours – they are all loud! Yay!

Off to the Lodge that evening for the ABs game, where the only thing won, was the raffles – of which I won 2. A nice bottle of gissy wine, and some kiwiana nickknacks. Then, got offered a spot on a boat for Sunday, going out to one of the local islands (thanks Wayne). We went out on the MV Tiata which is a 65 foot cruiser, it truly was a magical day. I did have a panic when we had to swim ashore to the island though, about 100 meters, and although pretty confident in the water, I am not actually the worlds best swimmer – lucky the crew had some fins for me, and off to the beach on Fishermans Island.

Quite a few drinks, good company, and back by 7pm… Magic – although would have been nicer to share with the family.

Work this week has been really good – we are achieving a lot, although outside of work I’m not. The apartment I looked at magically increased in price from 5500 kina a week to 6500 kina a week overnight… And there is so little on the market… Gutted.

We worked late the other night, so I drove one of the guys home, we stuck to the main roads, and he got out and walked the km or so to his house. We almost got taken out by a PMV, so I’ve decided to not take lane directions from someone that doesn’t know how to drive – lol

And tonight I got a call from my Dad, he works fly in/out here in PNG as well, and as we hadn’t seen each other in 5 years it was about time to catch up over dinner. He’s going to make an effort to connect with his grandkids and spend time with us when in Moresby – that is really good…

I’ve now been here for 2 weeks, and am really finding the swing of PNG. I think, if you embrace, rather fight it – it is so much easier… Like taking a week to just get a bank account number, no eftpos or chequebook yet though – so although I’ll soon have money, I won’t be able to get it – lol, I need this system in NZ too!

Above all – I love it here. The people, the sounds, the smells… Funny thing: skyping Jacinta the other day “what’s that noise?” she asked….. my reply: “PNG!”

em tasol

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