Cockroach Heaven

 Yes, there is a roach house that lives on my desk at work.  Apparently, if you chop a cockroaches head off, they will live for about two weeks before starving to death…  Currently there are about 50 of the little suckers in there – pictures to follow…

so, tonight after having dinner with Peter (also baching it), who also has Malaria – go figure, we missed each other at the doc by about 30 minutes…  I came home to find the mother of all roaches sitting in the kitchen.  I actually don’t have too much trouble with cockroaches, but huge ones give me the shits… This was huge!  How the hell did it get inside?

I had already taken off shoes, so I grabbed a plastic container to try and trap it…  The bloody roach took off – and man could he motor.  Here I am running after the roach as he raced out of the kitchen and through into the living room – I threw the container at it, and he dodged, and ran straight back at me…  Hahaha – there was no way I was going to barefoot crunch it, and it bailed itself up into a corner.  I grabbed the container, and caught the big bastard.  Now that I had trapped him under the container, I had to slide some paper under it, hold that firm and flip the container.  Needless to say – he was pissed off.  A quick trip to the balcony, and he was sailing through the air into the neighbours back yard…

Take that roach!

Funniest thing I have done all week 🙂

– malaria update: Peter got the expensive jabs in the butt, and was feeling much better basically that afternoon.  I am now feeling better, and went back to work today – but am taking things slow as I am rather exhausted all the time.  Hoping the drugs kill the little buggers eh 🙂