Last day as a PNG Bachelor

 It’s been a cruisey, but lonely couple of weeks here in Port Moresby.  Having spent a week sick with malaria, I think I have a bit of cabin fever – so can’t wait for Jacinta and the kids to get back tomorrow.

An eventful day at work today, with no water in the whole of our building – which is the biggest building in PNG.  So thankfully, we have company friends that let us use their bathrooms – if you know what I mean!

One of my goals here at work, is to make our department one where we have lots of fun, but also where we work hard and set an example for the rest of the company.  One of the fun things that we do, is have free throws at a very small basket, using a foam ball as big as a baseball.  The target is at head height, and is made of heavy paper, and only just fits the ball in.  Then we walk back, either at 5 meters or 8 meters, and shoot.  Because of the ceiling height – it is really hard to do, with only 2 of us sinking it from 8 meters (with me hitting it 3 times to date).  The balls curve through the air, bounce off the cubicals, and generally – are bloody hard to get into this little target.  Every Friday we all put 1 kina into the pot, and have a one shot competition.  No practice – just shoot.  So far – the pot hasn’t been won, but I’m sure it will soon 🙂

It.. Is… FUN!

And it means we banter, throw the ball at each other – and really use it as a de-stress time.  I wonder if I can get away with an Xbox in the office?  ðŸ™‚

Right, must fly – short sharp blog post, so that I can enjoy the solitude for one last night ðŸ™‚


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