New blog colours and design

Hell yeah – I’m liking it.

The header picture of the sunset was taken off our balcony on my Sony NEX-5N. The sunsets here in Port Moresby are incredible.

Today, Jacinta and the kids arrived back in PNG. Two 3 hour flights and a 3 hour stop over in Brisbane, meant the kids were asleep at 7pm, and Jacinta crashed at 8pm. I had to cook as well, so apart from the massive mess in the house, I feel like I’m still here by myself… One of our expats at work was leaving today, so we were having dinner at Asia Aromas, but I bailed with the family just coming in. Maybe I should have just gone….. Happy travels Amanda!

I think I am totally over Malaria now, I had a beer tonight, and it went down like a lead balloon – fast. No side effects..


I am primed for Friday night drinks at the yachty.

Hopefully, I’ll get some great photos in this weekend and upload them – until then… Later!

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