Coping behind razor wire

As you might be aware, all compounds in Port Moresby are surrounded by razor wire. After a while you don’t really notice the bars, or the razor wire – but you do, when you have been locked in your apartment, to sick to go out, and stuck in for 4/5 days.

I am finally getting over the malaria, but I am still exhausted – don’t know how I am going to cope at work tomorrow… Today is our 13th Wedding Anniversary, so I really needed to get out and take Jacinta somewhere for lunch (I think dinner might be taking it too far) and we needed to get a floor fan to move some air around inside our apartment. So we went out to Courts, then Brian Bell trying to find one. We ended up at Vision City having a nice lunch at the Hogs Breath cafe, then a trip down to the Yacht Club to look through the gym, they were having an open day… By this time – I was stuffed, but toughened it out for another hour… We are going to get memberships, and also enroll Xavier into taekwondo and Xanthe into Hip Hop. That will use up a bit of energy – and they will make new friends too…

As we drove around today, I took some video footage from our iPod clipped onto the car visor. When I get a chance I’ll edit it and upload to YouTube. Hope to get at least 2 views 😉

Right now it is teeming with rain outside, and temperature dropped to 24 degrees celcius. There will be some locals getting hypothermia tonight from the cold….

Next week, for Waitangi Day – we are off to the High Commission for the annual Kiwi Club Hangi. Jacinta has been roped into sorting veges out, and I have been roped into carving meat. We have only just joined the Kiwi Club, and already involved… 🙂

Until next time

3 thoughts on “Coping behind razor wire

  1. Hi Aaron & Jacinta,
    Congratulations on 13 years!
    Wishing you both many more years of wedded bliss & laughter together!
    All the best.
    PS Aaron So sorry you are still suffering from malaria. Really hope you feel a lot better & soon. Take care.

    • Thanks Anna, we’ve been together for 17 years – feels like that too sometimes :). But at the end of the day, couldn’t think of anyone else to share that time with…


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