Malaria – round 3

Yes, I kid you not…

Not only did the 2nd round of drugs fail to eradicate the little bastards, they have now discovered that I have not one, but two different malaria strains, falciparum and vivax. P. Vivax sits in your liver and is the malaria that comes back over and over again if you don’t get rid of it. So, now I am on a course of 7 days worth of injections in my arse.. Yay! A course of drugs tomorrow, then once the jabs are done, I have to take nasty drugs for two weeks to get rid of the vivax.

Yes. I feel blessed…

A lot of the expats I talk too are shocked, some of them haven’t had malaria in 30+ years. At least, they don’t “think” they have had malaria. It affects people in lots of different ways, and isn’t always the classic sweats and hallucinations (like I had last week – don’t tell Jacinta). So maybe people think they have a virus, when in fact it’s a parasite….

So, my advice… Get the freakin jabs – day 1..

Trust me, Having malaria for now.. A month.. Is horrible. I am exhausted, can’t think straight, and now very very grumpy.

I feel like the HULK – lol

Ahh well, as they say: shit happens. Get it treated, harden up, and get back out there

Off to Waitangi Day Hangi at the NZ High Commission this Sunday. In between chasing kids, yelling at my wife, carving meat, (not drinking), and trying to be social without being too grumpy – ill take photos 🙂


2 thoughts on “Malaria – round 3

    • Hi Dave,

      Yup – I do all my own stunts… Photos.. 🙂 there is a few more in a post maybe a month ago, they are all taken from my balcony.. We overlook Ela Beach up and east from the Lawes Road roundabout (if you look at google maps).

      We get sunsets like this all the time, they are amazing.


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