Thunder Lightning Rain

Last night the kids were shitting themselves, the lightning and thunder were incredible, with thunder claps like I have never heard before.  The rain teemed down, creating huge potholes everywhere.  Last week, the rain on Wednesday night washed out one land of the freeway, creating a 5 metre deep hole, today – apparently – all 4 lanes of the freeway have been washed away. Think of a four lane highway….  with a washout from one side to the next…

Billy came in with some photos showing how a 20ft container had been moved by the rain out by his place – metres and metres – floating…

incredible (didn’t I already say that?)

Billy never made it to work yesterday – all the partying on Saturday night (bride price) had cracked two poles holding his father house above the water…  Good thing they know how to fix them quickly 🙂

1 thought on “Thunder Lightning Rain

  1. For some reason, my son loves it when you say “shitty”, “shit” or “shits”. He gets the giggles & can’t stop laughing!
    We’re all glad to hear you are on the mend. Hope you can get rid of the bugs once & for all soon.
    Take care.

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