Lesley summed it up – much better than Jacinta or I could…..


Photo Taken by the lovely Ness at madNESS Photography.

There are some beautiful PNG images on her website – http://www.madnessphotography.com.au/ and she is taking the school photos at the end of this week, she took last years too. We might also use her for some family portraits at some stage ?  Off topic slightly – I was going to pay via paypal for the school photos – it is listed as a method of payment on the form the school sent home and the school rang Peter to say I hadn’t paid then rang me and asked what to do….umm you sent the form home !

The photo a bit small – but if you click on it you can see a slightly bigger image (or maybe not).

So that is the Poroporena Highway, the highway that many many many people use every day. I normally use it a minimum of 6 times a day 3…

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  1. Hi Aaron, I have a few questions regarding internet service up there also about banking and other bits.
    Hoping you can email me.
    Kindest Regards

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