Last weeks security scare

Last week we had a bit of a security scare here in Port Moresby.  A senior executive at bemobile had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom.

Of course, with the freeway cut in two, traffic at a standstill, and lots of people around – there is lot of opportunity for the odd carjacking etc.  So of course, everyone is on high alert, radios getting checked, safe routes through town being devised, and general caution.  All of which – you should be doing around Moresby anyway, and if you don’t – then you are a target waiting to happen.

Port Moresby isn’t a bad city – it’s poverty and opportunistic thievery that create the issues we have here.  So, keep your doors locked, windows up and generally know what you are doing – and you should be fine.

Anyway – back to our bemobile guy.  What a horrible thing to have happen, and even whilst we were making sure we were being secure, we were all thinking of this poor fella.

but wait…

A headliner in the paper the other day:

Englishman nabbed over K1.7m ransom

turns out that the bemobile executive had tried to ransom himself for K1.7m – wtf?!  This guys caused a hellova lot of stress…  unreal.

So yes folks, a certain englishman kidnapped himself, plonked himself at 17 mile, and tried to extort 1.7 million Kina (about a million NZD) out of his employer.

they don’t call it “Land of the Unexpected” for nothing 🙂

You know you are in Port Moresby when…

  1. you get 83mm of rain in an hour
  2. the freeway gained a 5 metre deep pothole – across all 4 lanes – overnight
  3. you can drive, over the speed limit, or way under the speed limit – and noone will do anything
  4. you can drink, and drink, and drink – then drive and have no fear of a DUI or DIC
  5. the first thing you do when you get in the car, is lock the doors
  6. there is no such thing as a pedestrian crossing at 8pm
  7. big rocks are for landscaping, small rocks for throwing
  8. your kids friends parents are your friends too
  9. the gun shop is more secure than Mt Eden prison, Alcatraz, and Fort Knox
  10. the local cafe is just as secure as the gun shop
  11. everyone smiles
  12. everyone plays with your kids
  13. the baby wanders off, and has been adopted, fed and watered by the family two tables down
  14. a shed is a 2mile settlement palace
  15. you get the best banana’s in the world
  16. and the best coffee
  17. you hoard the coffee to take back home, but end up drinking it cause it’s so damn good
  18. the duty free stores main seller: coffee
  19. the pharmacy will sell you any drug – as long as you know what you are talking about
  20. the pharmacy’s biggest sellers: malaria drugs, imodium, coke
  21. the perfect footwear is: jandals (thongs)
  22. you can buy a pair, from the buai seller
  23. along with – cigarette by the each
  24. buai (most likely a class C drug in NZ)
  25. the buai seller is also a mini bank and can transfer money to your phone
  26. mobile internet is cheaper than fixed line internet
  27. invitations to events can say: Dress – Tropical Formal, gents a tie please
  28. your conversations normally involve telling each other where you found a hidden gem (restaurant, clothes etc)
  29. you need to reserve tables at restaurants, or turn up right before 6pm
  30. dinner starts at 6pm
  31. the sun sets around 6pm and rises about 6am
  32. the best photograph is the last one you took
  33. the most used appliance is a UPS
  34. everyone knows what a genset is
  35. when your genset is buggerup, people have sympathy
  36. your kids learn to swim – really quickly
  37. it’s cheaper to fly to Fiji via Brisbane – than direct (yes -we have direct flights)
  38. everyday makes you smile, laugh, cringe, be sad
  39. you can buy any sort of animal on the side of the road
  40. you can buy fruit and vegetables on the side of the road too
  41. the grocery store visit is a highlight of the week
  42. the bugs are 10x bigger than the ones at home
  43. if you don’t seal it, the bugs steal it
  44. there is no McDonalds, or KFC or Pizza Hut – and you are thankful
  45. the coke factory and the beer factory – are right across the road from each other
  46. the only beer to drink is: SP
  47. you have never been so social in your life
  48. the local TV station shows pirated movies, half of which are screen cams
  49. you can buy designer clothes for a couple of bucks
  50. you appreciate … everything.