All Blacks vs Titans in Port Moresby

Yes, I know the title is a little confusing, since the All Blacks are the national rugby team of New Zealand and the Titans are an NRL (League) team out of the Gold Coast, but I have provided the evidence below:

I don’t think Adidas will be very happy, the All Blacks are wearing a collection of boots, including Nike’s, and some are wearing CCC shorts (Canterbury)…


Only in PNG would this happen, we were all calling out for a Haka from the sidelines, I think they figured out a kiwi was there 🙂  As it stands, the NZRFU shouldn’t get too precious, these boys can only afford the 50kina All Blacks jerseys – and they wore them with pride.  There isn’t much selection for a team to get gear, and to have a jersey made up locally costs around K250 – a weeks wages for some of these boys.  There is lots of All Blacks jerseys here though (yes Chinese knockoffs) as everyone in PNG loves the AB’s.


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