Rugby League Training in Port Moresby

You may have spotted on twitter, that I am coaching our companies Rugby League 9s team for the Corporate 9s competition here in Port Moresby.  Technically, it didn’t really start out as coaching, more like Derrick nominating me to be there.  Our resident Digicel Cup star Toua Kohu was really meant to be doing the coaching with me (as the resident couch-ref) throwing in my two toea.  As it turns out, Toua has been busy, #2 trainer Nou has been busy – he flits in and out, #3 trainer Boge has gone to a conference, and so I have been attempting to run drills and come up with plays and strategies.

Last night, my strategy was “get them going – then play catch with some young kids from Kone” – lol.  hehehe – it might have seemed that way, but honest, I was keeping an eye on everything happening on the field (if you can call the dustbowl, complete with rocks, glass, bits of metal etc – a field), and got the team doing some drills.

My biggest problem, is I can visualise what I need to get them to do – but since I haven’t played in such a long time, showing them how to do it is problematic.  Like, I called for two lines at each end of the marked out area – I got two lines – one behind the other.  I really wanted a row, maybe I need to speak excel: “two columns, two rows”.  I dunno.  The guys look at me, they must be thinking – what the bloody hell is the kiwi up to?

So last night I ran two rows passing drills, both with balls, running towards each other.  They needed to be able to stop the gap between the opposing players running towards them, time the pass so it didn’t hit the opposing players, and get through all the hands, as well as not hit ball to ball.  Spin around and do it again and again and again.  I am not sure if they were bored or not, but I was trying to create awareness and communication – something we lacked on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Xavier had befriended the bunch of kids from Kone, and he was running passing drills with them – bloody hell, good kid.

Another run on Thursday – and then it’s final throw of the dice this Saturday against the team from Digicel.  Win, and we are through to the finals, lose – and we go home with nothing.

better bloody win eh 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rugby League Training in Port Moresby

  1. Hello,
    I’ve been reading back into the history of your blog for the past few days and you seem to have a very string hold on your life in PNG! I am in the midst of planning my next move, I’m 24, have lived around SE Asia, and feel as though PNG could be a great fit. My girlfriend works in the Public health field in newly developed and developing countries, so she is on board and excited about it. I would love to work while in PNG in order to sustain myself and to become part of a community but I am finding that this can be a pretty complex process. Do you have any advice, resources, or suggestions as to the most efficient way to get a job and the possibility of a work visa? Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Henry, with the right qualifications it is possible to obtain work here easily. You just have to find a job, get accepted for it, and arrange your visa. The company hiring you will be the visa sponsor. You cannot come here and look for work, it really has to be done from off shore unless you are living here with a partner who has work already.

      Some place to look for opportunities – all the mines, LNG project etc. and local recruitment companies such as JDA Wokman

      If you came here on a dependent visa (eg: partner has work visa) then you will find other work if you have the right contacts and qualifications. Dependent visa holders mean that companies can hire you without all the extra costs such as accommodation etc as you are already here..

      hope that helps

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